Thursday, December 16

I wish...

my family's Christmas card looked like this:
Is it weird that I love every. single. thing. about this picture?

Thursday, December 2


I ended up going with the Clarisonic Plus.  I found it on QVC's website for significantly cheaper and it came with three different Philosophy products.  So far, I really do love it.  My face gets all tingly after I use it.  Love.

I survived Black Friday at work.  It was madness, but in a fun way. 

The Biggest Loser episode aired that they filmed in Myrtle Beach.  I wasn't on it, but my friend Kyle was!  He was assigned to walk with this woman, who may be a future contestant.  How cool is that?

Emma did the Turkey Trot with my on Thanksgiving!  It was a lot of fun-especially since it was Emma's first race.  We had a great morning.

After a shower and a nap, we regrouped to eat! 

Mmm...We had two turkeys-fried and baked.  Both were amazing!

I also go to spend time with Carol and Natasha while they were home over Thanksgiving weekend.  They came to my house to watch us give Clemson a beat down. 

Natasha also helped us pick out our Christmas tree and decorate it!  I'm so glad I got to spend time with her while she was home.  She'll be home in 2 weeks for Christmas for about 10 days!  Yay!