Thursday, July 30

Super cute stamp giveaway!

Elizabeth from A Wedding Story's giveaway ends tonight at 5pm! Make sure you head over there and check it out!


Monday, July 27

EA Sports?

So I'm thinking about buying this:

EA Sports Active Multiplayer Pack

Have any of you tried this one out? It comes with a 30-Day Challenge that looks like a pretty good program- at least more of a program than Wii Fit.


Wedding Weekend #2 Pics

Ok so I know you've all been on the edges of your seats for MORE wedding pictures! haha, anyway, here they are! Enjoy! I'm done with weddings for quite a while now, unless someone knows something I don't :o)

Me, Renae, Megan & Megan- two of my old bible study leaders, and fellow viscommer from USC! (Oh, and yes, that's the same dress I wore last week to that rehearsal dinner, but it's so cute, I don't care!)

Honoraries & Bridesmaids bein' silly.

Me with the beautiful bride!

Suzanne, Me & Oxana at the bridesmaids' brunch at Nonnah's!

Bridesmaids at the brunch!

Time for hair...


Us before the wedding ceremony!

The cake & all of our bouquets.

Maid of Honor giving the sweetest toast ever.

Me, Suzanne & Donielle (my birthday twin!)

Garter time!

Gettin' our groove on...

Yea, he's doing a back-flip.

Ready to leave...

The getaway!


Miserable Monday

  • the "annexation" of Texas
  • the fact that the rise of serial killers coincided with the rise of highways
  • running out of stamps when you need to mail something
  • getting dumped via email
  • the recent works of Augusten Burroughs
  • knowing when your friend from second grade goes to the grocery store, thanks to my facebook status updates
  • the sound of nails on a chalkboard
  • "artesian spring water" that actually comes from a tap
  • children whose parents don't pay attention to them
  • children whose parents pay too much attention to them
  • apples stuffed with razor blades
  • weevils
  • brothers who fought on opposite sides during the Civil War
  • choosing the lesser of two evils
  • choosing the greater of two evils
  • people who are more capable than you
  • getting a bad hand of cards
  • your lack of artistic ability
  • women with enormous engagement rings
  • getting injured in the middle of a marathon you've been training for all year
  • rocksteady and bebop


Sunday, July 26

Dear August 7th, Please Hurry.

I know I've been hush about the work sitch and I will be for a bit longer.

Just know that August 7th is my last day and it cannot come soon enough.

Two calls after 9 PM on Sunday night.

Not Cool.

I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from the wedding, promise!


Thursday, July 23

And I'm off!

So I've finished packing, got my nails done & wedding presents have been purchased!

On my way to Columbia tomorrow for wedding #2 of the summmer!

Hope everyone has a great weekend- be back Sunday with some pictures!

Happy weekend!


Wednesday, July 22

Cute Cute Cute Giveaway!

Check out this super awesome giveaway at Ladybug Blessings!


Hump Day Post

Good Wednesday afternoon ladies!

I hope you all are having a good week so far, mine's going alright... Monday I had a terrible upset stomach and laid in the bed all day... that part was great, but the sour tummy- not so much!

Yesterday & today have been pretty good, had dinner with mom last night and after work today I plan on going up to the mall to check out a wedding present for this weekend.

Speaking of wedding- does anyone have any hair suggestions? We are doing our own hair this weekend and I am not so great at doing fancy things... I'm thinking about investing in hot rollers... anyone have any they can suggest? Hopefully the weather will hold up for this one like last weekend!

Mom is having shoulder surgery tomorrow- she has a bone spur they are removing. If you guys could keep her in your prayers that'd be greatly appreciated!

Last little thing... has anyone else fallen in love with the new Rob Thomas CD? Cradlesong? I downloaded it last night and can't stop listening to it!

Happy hump day ladies- two more days till Friday!


Tuesday, July 21

Shannon & Tucker's Wedding Weekend

So I'm back from wedding #1 and boy was it amazing. It was seriously one of the most fun weddings I've ever been apart of or been to! Here's a little recap with some pics...

When we checked into the hotel, we had this amazing gift basket in our room- including cheese, crackers, wine, wine glasses, chocolate, mints, and directions and things to do in Greenville.

Shannon @ the rehearsal- check out that bow bouquet!

Tucker's dad gave Shannon a pearl necklace that he had given to his wife when Tucker was born. It was the sweetest thing ever and he had everyone there in tears.


Me & Natasha- bff that's moving to Philly!

Getting ready!
After all our hair was done :o)

Shannon's mom helping out with the perfume.

Such a fun cake, too bad I was too busy gettin' my groove on to taste it!

Father/Daughter Dance.

The beautiful bride and me!

Carol, Natasha & Myself.

Joe (my dancin' partner) & Me.

Me & tash the next day- totally didn't even know we brought the same shirt to wear on the ride home! Great minds think alike for sure!

This wedding definitely got me super excited for the one next weekend! Pictures will follow that one, of course :o) Happy Tuesday Ladies!


Monday, July 20

Miserable Monday

  • The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
  • Losing your iPod
  • Non-recreational use of handcuffs
  • drinks with algae
  • antigone
  • existential despair
  • financial planning
  • zombies
  • conspiracies
  • conspiracy theories
  • television executives
  • tests
  • bones
  • dogs wearing too many ruffles
  • women wearing too many ruffles
  • red tape
  • pet hair
  • lost milk carton tops
  • football players with necks the size of most people's thighs
  • willful ignorance
  • over cooked vegetables
  • the self-conscious use of literary devices
  • watching other men hit on your wife
  • people who speak in codes you don't understand
  • arachnophobia
  • rainbow parties
  • the nail polish odor associated with diabetes
  • old cars that break down all the time

Thursday, July 16

To all the Lindsa/ey's out there...

Do people often call you "Leslie"?

I get that ALL the time and it's so annoying.

No offense to any Lesies out there, but it's just not my name!

Photobucket<--- SEE.

Legitimate Question

Ok, why do guys CONSTANTLY adjust themselves? CONSTANTLY.

It's gross.

You don't see girls messing around down there.

Gees, go to the bathroom or something.


Wednesday, July 15

Would you rather?

Be stuck in a confined space with someone who wears too much cologne or has really bad B.O.?