Monday, July 27

Wedding Weekend #2 Pics

Ok so I know you've all been on the edges of your seats for MORE wedding pictures! haha, anyway, here they are! Enjoy! I'm done with weddings for quite a while now, unless someone knows something I don't :o)

Me, Renae, Megan & Megan- two of my old bible study leaders, and fellow viscommer from USC! (Oh, and yes, that's the same dress I wore last week to that rehearsal dinner, but it's so cute, I don't care!)

Honoraries & Bridesmaids bein' silly.

Me with the beautiful bride!

Suzanne, Me & Oxana at the bridesmaids' brunch at Nonnah's!

Bridesmaids at the brunch!

Time for hair...


Us before the wedding ceremony!

The cake & all of our bouquets.

Maid of Honor giving the sweetest toast ever.

Me, Suzanne & Donielle (my birthday twin!)

Garter time!

Gettin' our groove on...

Yea, he's doing a back-flip.

Ready to leave...

The getaway!


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