Saturday, July 31

Saturday in Cola

When I got back to Columbia, I met up with Suzanne & Charlie.

Charlie had a super fun idea that we all go down to the Vista and take pictures! We came up with a contest and our own categories and rules. I won't go into the details but here are some of the pictures I took:

Friday, July 30

American Idol News

So have you guys heard the news?

Ellen has quit American Idol! While I am super sad about this, I have also heard that Kara was fired! Which makes me SUPER happy because she is the worst!

She is always so mean, with her backhanded insults.

I also have heard that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will be the new judges.

I'm not 100% sure how I feel about these two as replacements...We'll have to see when the show starts back up!


So after John Mayer we hit up IKEA on Satruday.

It was mine and Donielle's first time going to this amazing place.

We documented our trip from beginning to end.

We were like kids in a candy store!

$5.00 Wok? Yes please!

The coolest wine rack ever!

The best shopping trip ever!

Mini cups and glasses!

The warehouse of goodness.

Wednesday, July 21

John Mayer

So the weekend begins a little like this...

I make this super fun trip itinerary:

On our way:

Us in our seats:

Our view of the stage-no zoom-18th row:

Ok so I snuck my Rebel in. Sue me.

I took over 400 shots. These are some of my favs, hope you enjoy!

John & his acoustic = my happy place.

Let the faces begin.

His outfit was definitely the most ridiculous I've ever seen him look-but I do not care. ♥

"Lindsay?! Is that you out there? I love you!"

When he did his encore, he popped up in the lawn. I was super sad, considering this was the most I've ever paid to see him. And of course he sings my favorite song when he's a million miles away from me :o(

But he came back before it was over, so all is forgiven!

No Such Thing
Ain't No Sunshine
Heartbreak Warfare
Perfectly Lonely
Who Says
Do You Know Me
Bigger Than My Body
Half of My Heart > Dreams > Carolina in my Mind
Stop This Train
Why Georgia
Edge of Desire

Saturday, July 17

Random Post To Hold Ya Over

Ok so right now, I am probably still on my John Mayer high [expect a detailed post w/ pics upon my return!]... but this was too good not to share with you guys!

So the other day I went to Food Lion. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was sitting in the car, and I check my rear view mirror and who do I see?

Brett Michaels?! Is that you?


Friday, July 16

Oh Yea!

As you're reading this, I'll be on my way to Charlotte, NC. What for?

Only to see my baby daddy.

You know.

18th Row!! Be back soon for an update!

Friday, July 9

300th Post!

Wow. I'm at 300! How crazy is that?!

Sorry I've been a bit absent. Lots going on, that's for sure.

"Like What?", you ask.

Catching up with old friends.

Winning National Championships.

Seeing Eclipse and the hotness that is Edward.


Being off and going to the beach!

Friends getting married!

More beach & celebrating my independence!

Seeing more friends!

Cracking up at my Dad whilst the anesthesia is wearing off...

It's been busy, but I'm loving every minute of it!