Wednesday, July 21

John Mayer

So the weekend begins a little like this...

I make this super fun trip itinerary:

On our way:

Us in our seats:

Our view of the stage-no zoom-18th row:

Ok so I snuck my Rebel in. Sue me.

I took over 400 shots. These are some of my favs, hope you enjoy!

John & his acoustic = my happy place.

Let the faces begin.

His outfit was definitely the most ridiculous I've ever seen him look-but I do not care. ♥

"Lindsay?! Is that you out there? I love you!"

When he did his encore, he popped up in the lawn. I was super sad, considering this was the most I've ever paid to see him. And of course he sings my favorite song when he's a million miles away from me :o(

But he came back before it was over, so all is forgiven!

No Such Thing
Ain't No Sunshine
Heartbreak Warfare
Perfectly Lonely
Who Says
Do You Know Me
Bigger Than My Body
Half of My Heart > Dreams > Carolina in my Mind
Stop This Train
Why Georgia
Edge of Desire


Kiki said...

Yay!!! Yay!! Yay!!

Kiki said...

P.S. No, Your Body Is a Wonderland??? What's with that??? I LOVE that song!!! His faces are hilarious and his outfit was tragic!!!!

I'm so glad you had fun and your itinerary is AWESOME!!!!

Cassie said...

I love the itinerary you made!

He definitely has a ridiculous outfit on, but his voice is ahmazing!