Monday, December 28

Miserable Monday

  • Hackers
  • Fallout
  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Taking the low road
  • Accidently filling your car's tank with jet fuel
  • Glowing LED lights that make it difficult to fall asleep at night
  • The cost of living in Moscow, which is the highest in the world
  • The fact that only 1600 giant pandas are left in the wild
  • Finances after divorce
  • The "big one"---the catastrophic earthquake scientists predict will hit California in the next 30 years
  • Dusting
  • The fact that oil prices per barrel almost doubled between 2007 & 2008
  • Remotes with hard to find mute buttons
  • Velcro on shoes
  • Foam bras

Monday, December 21

Miserable Monday & Happy Birthday Rena!

Ok so this Monday is a little bit different and very special! It's Rena's (aka my Asian twin) birthday!!

We've been besties since high school and I can't imagine my life without her in it!

Right now she is flying to Japan to be with her family for the holidays.

Head on over to her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday! Love you!

And now on to Miserable Mondays...

  • Cracks in your foundation
  • Leaky pipes
  • Flat pillows
  • Having an academic advisor that secretly hates you
  • Dogs that bite mailmen
  • Lumpy mattresses
  • The sound of a mosquito near your ear in the dark
  • People who are proud of being able to burp the alphabet
  • Living next door to a house full of college students who party every night
  • Waiting in line for the copy machine
  • Lipstick that sits in the creases and lines of your lips
  • Cuticles
  • Smudging a new pedicure before it dries
  • Elegant dresses worn with flip-flops
  • Mort Hurst, who suffered a stroke after eating 38 eggs in 29 seconds
  • Radio announcers with beautiful voices and ugly faces
  • Women who name their babies after soap opera characters
  • Rock stars without last names
  • Sarcastic Vice Principals
  • Contagious yawns
  • Someone else eating the last brownie

Sunday, December 20

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today's my 24th birthday! I'll be celebrating with my friends and family today! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Monday, December 14

I LOVE this commercial

Guys- I LOVE this commercial.

Now, do you want another laugh? Check this one out!


Miserable Monday

  • Learning how to make out from an article in a teen magazine
  • Not being sure whether a title should be in quotes or italics
  • Feeling embarrassed for people who lack a sense of shame
  • First jobs
  • Your mother marrying one of your high school classmates
  • Men who think that all female athletes are lesbians
  • Advertisements that coin words like "fabulosity"
  • Financial advisors who need advice
  • Financial advisors who don't follow their own advice
  • Learning the moon is not made of cheese
  • Attempts to help that just make things worse
  • Toilet paper that sticks to your shoe
  • Trying to call your in-laws by their first names for the first time
  • Fuzzy toilet seat covers
  • Eighteen-year-olds that still go trick-or-treating
  • Grandfather clocks that always chime the wrong time

Saturday, December 12

I'm just sayin'...

This guy:

Capital D, douchebag.

And to all of these "women" (I use the term loosely because a real woman wouldn't stoop so low) (and I know they all read my blog) who are coming out of the woodworks saying they whatever with Tiger Woods-- STOP IT. Do you understand that by coming out and saying what you're saying does not make you look like a good person. Sure it's making him look worse, but really? For your fifteen, maybe sixteen, minutes of fame--this is how you want it? To be forever known as one of the bajillion girls Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with?


Just had to get that off my chest.

Thursday, December 10

Thursday postings...

Happy Thursday folks!

I hope everyone is powering through their work week- only 10 more days til my bday and 15 til Christmas! Woo hoo! This really is my favorite time of year!

A little update on the running... today I ran/walked 1.9 miles! That's the distance around my street in my neighborhood. I thought it was only 1 mile but when I got back I did a little mappy mappy and that's what it said! So yay! Now I have to work on getting my endurance up so I can run/walk around like 3.5 more times!

Anybody have any good cold weather exercising tips? I enjoy working out when it's a little chilly because I don't get as hot, but the cold air hurts my ears and throat. I know ear muffs can take care of the first problem...

An update on the Christmas present shopping-- I have my dad and mom a few more things to pick up. I don't wanna put on here what I got my mom incase she's reading, but my dad... he's got some good stuff. So far...

I also can't wait for the 17th to get here... Sarah is coming home from Savannah, Rena is coming from Columbia the 18th, and my roommate from my junior year of college, Shannon, is coming the 19-21st! I can't wait to spend time with each of these ladies and enjoy my bday and Christmas with them all!

I gotta go get ready for work but I hope you all have an amazing Thursday!

Monday, December 7

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday friends!

I actually worked all weekend! We were pretty busy too... and ya'll I'm not just saying this, I really love working there. The people I work with are great and I am in LOVE with some discounts! It's just nice have a place to go to work and really enjoy it!

On Thursday, dad & I got our Christmas tree. It's the best and biggest tree we've ever had!



Another super fun thing going on...

I'm going to run (walk a lot) the Cooper River Bridge Run!

It's March 27 and I could not be more excited. It's a 10K (6.23 miles)

I am definitely not a runner. In high school, I never enjoyed running b/c of how big the girls were. And by girls, I mean boobs. But after a few surgeries that problem has been addressed.

A group of friends, some from high school & some from work are going to be doing it with me. I know that they'll all hold me accountable when it comes to training and during the race. I will try to keep everyone updated on my progress. And if any of you have ever run a race or anything, I'll take all the advice you can give!

In honor of me doing a 10K-I may have picked these two items up yesterday at work:

Anyway--I hope you all have a great week! I'm trying to be better at updating more while I'm working, so bear with me!

Miserable Monday

  • Crying in your beer
  • Driving across town to a store that's closed
  • Dentists whose signs have pictures of dancing teeth
  • Surgeons with shaky hands
  • Offending a member of a motorcycle gang
  • Late paychecks
  • People who space out and just sit at green lights
  • Exercising when you have to use the bathroom
  • Being attacked by geese
  • Lousy t-shirts
  • Fishing in urban areas
  • Spending your birthday alone
  • Forgetting to pay bills
  • Difficult to assemble toys that your kids never play with
  • People who are constantly humming tunelessly
  • The food at Denny's
  • Casting the first stone
  • Not being able to explain what you do for a living


Tuesday, December 1

World AIDS Day 2009

Go (RED) today!

In honor of World AIDS Day, many big corporations are giving back. Gap, included!

Here's how it works... everytime you choose to buy a (RED) product or service, at no cost to you, the company who makes the product gives up to 50% of its profit to buy and distribute antiretroviral medicine to our brothers and sisters dying of AIDS in Africa.

Every dollar goes straight to Africa.

Some of PRODUCT RED's partners are:

For example: Today, Gap, Inc. is giving 1% of it's total profits to the Global Fund.

So what can you do?

Shop these retailers, use their services.

Join in turning Facebook & Twitter (RED) today!

Or, make a direct donation to The Global Fund.