Monday, December 7

Miserable Monday

  • Crying in your beer
  • Driving across town to a store that's closed
  • Dentists whose signs have pictures of dancing teeth
  • Surgeons with shaky hands
  • Offending a member of a motorcycle gang
  • Late paychecks
  • People who space out and just sit at green lights
  • Exercising when you have to use the bathroom
  • Being attacked by geese
  • Lousy t-shirts
  • Fishing in urban areas
  • Spending your birthday alone
  • Forgetting to pay bills
  • Difficult to assemble toys that your kids never play with
  • People who are constantly humming tunelessly
  • The food at Denny's
  • Casting the first stone
  • Not being able to explain what you do for a living


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