Thursday, December 10

Thursday postings...

Happy Thursday folks!

I hope everyone is powering through their work week- only 10 more days til my bday and 15 til Christmas! Woo hoo! This really is my favorite time of year!

A little update on the running... today I ran/walked 1.9 miles! That's the distance around my street in my neighborhood. I thought it was only 1 mile but when I got back I did a little mappy mappy and that's what it said! So yay! Now I have to work on getting my endurance up so I can run/walk around like 3.5 more times!

Anybody have any good cold weather exercising tips? I enjoy working out when it's a little chilly because I don't get as hot, but the cold air hurts my ears and throat. I know ear muffs can take care of the first problem...

An update on the Christmas present shopping-- I have my dad and mom a few more things to pick up. I don't wanna put on here what I got my mom incase she's reading, but my dad... he's got some good stuff. So far...

I also can't wait for the 17th to get here... Sarah is coming home from Savannah, Rena is coming from Columbia the 18th, and my roommate from my junior year of college, Shannon, is coming the 19-21st! I can't wait to spend time with each of these ladies and enjoy my bday and Christmas with them all!

I gotta go get ready for work but I hope you all have an amazing Thursday!

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Kelly said...

good for you on the running!!! i'm a terrible runner and am trying to build up the endurance!! now everytime i run i'm going to think about you :)

good luck!!