Sunday, May 23

I can do anything good!

Saw this on a fellow blogger's site today and thought I'd share!

Too good not to!

Friday, May 21

Dr. Carol!

Yesterday I went to Charleston to see my friend Carol get her Doctorate of Physical Therapy!

Thursday night she had a reception for her Physical Therapy program on the Yorktown-a WWII Aircraft Carrier docked there. It was a beautiful night-so glad it didn't rain!

Today we woke up super early for her actual graduation ceremony.

I'm super proud of her!

Wednesday, May 19

We Love Wednesdays!

Here's a coupon for Gap today... it's 40% off one regularly priced item, or 45% if you use your Gap Card! Enjoy!

Friday, May 14

First Beach Day

I am definitely going to try to go to the beach more this summer. I don't even know if I went at all last year.

My deal with the beach is that #1-I hate sand. #2-When I go, I want it to be an all day (at least a few hours) event. I think it's kind of a waste to just go for a bit, which leads me to #3-You have to plan for the beach. When I go, I like to bring food, chairs, magazines, music, games, etc. Sometimes going and just vegging out is good, but usually I need to be entertained because it gets HOT.

Anyway--- Emma & I hit up the beach today. We brought chairs, towels, a cooler full of drinks & munchies and magazines. It was the perfect beach day.

The temps were in the low 80's but on the beach there was an AMAZING breeze, we didn't even break a sweat. Which probably explains why I didn't think I was getting any color! Ya'll know when I got home and showered I was a hot, sunburned splotchy mess. Oh well, it was totally worth the great day at the beach!

Tonight we also went to see Letters to Juliet.

It was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be and that Christopher Egan is easy on the eyes!

Tuesday, May 11

New cuteness at the g-a-p!

Some of the fun new stuff we got at work today:
(Sorry for the not-so-great iphone quality pics)

Sunday, May 9

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday I was off and got to hang out with my friend Carol. She's been in Knoxville, TV for the last three months-she is almost done with school- she's going for physical therapy at MUSC. She has finished with her rotations and is graduating in about 2 weeks down in Charleston. We hit up the outlets and got some super cute dresses!

I worked Saturday, but after I got off, I went back to the outlets to return a dress, then had a yummy taco dinner with Kiks and her family. It was so much fun listening to Ken explain the internet to her Nana and her tell stories from growing up.

I, unfortunately, don't live close to any of my extended family, so I always feel extra special when I get to adopt other families :o)

Today was Mother's Day.

Dad made pancakes this morning and we spent the morning hanging out on the back porch. It was SUPER beautiful outside today--I took some pictures of our roses in the back yard.

Dad & I got Mom some bubble bath stuff from Bath & Body Works & a pair of gold hoop earrings she wanted.

We picked up sushi to-go and watched our DVR'd Betty White on SNL. I'd say the weekend & Mother's Day was a success!

I'm looking forward to a busy work week starting tomorrow! New flow, Markdowns, and more stuff!

Hope you all had a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 4

New TV!

Thanks for your comments on my last post about the TV. Yesterday, I got a call from a friend who was in Costco. & said there was an open box Samsung, 27", 1080p, HD, yada yada. It's normally $379.99 but this one was $279! I didn't want to go over $300 so this seemed perfect! I headed up to Costco. and sure enough everything seemed to check out. I was actually on my way to work so I had to wait until today to pick it up.

So far, so good! I love it!

Sunday, May 2

Yard Sale & other randos

So Saturday my friend Antonella was having a yard sale. Her whole neighborhood participates, so a ton of people knew about it. I brought some stuff over and ended up making about $60! I was pretty excited. Here's a few shots from the day:

This leads me to my next topic... I sold my TV.

Nothing special or fancy here folks. It was a 19" old school tube TV that I got in college. I want to upgrade to a flat screen for my room. I'm thinking definitely bigger, but not huge. Do any of ya'll out there in the blog world have a flat screen that you're in love with? Or have any brand favorites you can suggest? I'm doing some research and looking online at Wal-Mart, Costco, Sam's, Target, Best Buy, etc., so any help you can give would be great!