Tuesday, February 8

Calling All Gleeks!!

I love Glee.  Love Love Love it!

And you guys know I love me some Gap-duh.

How much FUN was this?  For about 3 minutes- I wish I lived in LA and worked at the Gap at the Grove!  A couple lucky of Gap employees got to be in the clip! 

And if you guys watched the show-the guy who works at the Gap says his boss fired him...doubtful-if anyone (especially Darren Criss) came into Gap and busted out into song, all of us would be up on the tables with him! 

So much fun to watch!

Friday, February 4

What I've Learned...

On Tuesday I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection.  Bummer.

Since then I've learned:
  • I hate being sick.
  • I eat a lot when I'm sick/bored.  
  • I also have saved money by not seeing the light of day.
  • Except for buying this and this on amazon.
  • I think it may have been a combo of flu and upper respiratory infection.  
  • I also hate shots.
I also have been doing medical research online-never a good thing.

For the past year or so, I feel like I've had something (food) stuck in the back of my throat.  Last year, when I saw the Dr. she said it was probably an allergy.  I took the medicine (something like Zyrtec or something) and it got better.  Since then, off and on, I have had the same feeling flare up.  I know this is gross-sorry-but every now and then, when I sneeze, sometimes little pieces of food comes out, so I know it's not just an irritation in my throat. 

Also-super random-but relevant-my friend's dad actually had surgery on his esophagus because he had something similar going on in there.   

While at the doctor on Tuesday, I told her about it again (along with some other problems I've been having) and she said it might be a bit of acid reflux.  Even though I don't have frequent heartburn or anything, she recommended I take Prilosec-OTC. 

Have any of you taken Prilosec?  (Probably not for the same reason I'd take it but still...)

Back to the research-

So I googled "food stuck in throat" and of course the typical-do the Heimlich comes up.  I'm not choking, I just know somethings not going all the way down.  Home remedies also come up-gargle with salt water, drink hot tea, leave it alone-your saliva will break it down eventually (which is probably what's happened in the past), but still some comments and message boards with people suffering with the same thing is a little comforting. 

This is probably the most random blog post ever.  And if any of you have made it down here, congratulations.  I am going to blame the random on the medicines. 

So yea-that's what I've learned and been up to.  Jealous?  Don't lie.