Friday, February 4

What I've Learned...

On Tuesday I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection.  Bummer.

Since then I've learned:
  • I hate being sick.
  • I eat a lot when I'm sick/bored.  
  • I also have saved money by not seeing the light of day.
  • Except for buying this and this on amazon.
  • I think it may have been a combo of flu and upper respiratory infection.  
  • I also hate shots.
I also have been doing medical research online-never a good thing.

For the past year or so, I feel like I've had something (food) stuck in the back of my throat.  Last year, when I saw the Dr. she said it was probably an allergy.  I took the medicine (something like Zyrtec or something) and it got better.  Since then, off and on, I have had the same feeling flare up.  I know this is gross-sorry-but every now and then, when I sneeze, sometimes little pieces of food comes out, so I know it's not just an irritation in my throat. 

Also-super random-but relevant-my friend's dad actually had surgery on his esophagus because he had something similar going on in there.   

While at the doctor on Tuesday, I told her about it again (along with some other problems I've been having) and she said it might be a bit of acid reflux.  Even though I don't have frequent heartburn or anything, she recommended I take Prilosec-OTC. 

Have any of you taken Prilosec?  (Probably not for the same reason I'd take it but still...)

Back to the research-

So I googled "food stuck in throat" and of course the typical-do the Heimlich comes up.  I'm not choking, I just know somethings not going all the way down.  Home remedies also come up-gargle with salt water, drink hot tea, leave it alone-your saliva will break it down eventually (which is probably what's happened in the past), but still some comments and message boards with people suffering with the same thing is a little comforting. 

This is probably the most random blog post ever.  And if any of you have made it down here, congratulations.  I am going to blame the random on the medicines. 

So yea-that's what I've learned and been up to.  Jealous?  Don't lie.


CMae said...

I'm similar yet different to your case LOL About Five years ago, I went through a thing where I felt like I Had a lump in my throat...and I would eat and eat to make it go "away" or eat ice cream to numb my throat...
I even went to the doctor and all she did was say I was to stressed out and that was what causing it. She even perscribed me some Vicodin

Turns out...I think the doc was right...When am feeling EXTREMELY worrysome or stressed,that feeling comes right back to me! I haven't had it in a long time, but you get the gist of it!.

Hope you feel better!

Hilary Lane said...

When you say pieces of food do you mean little white chunks? Every once in a while when I was growing up, I'd get little chunks of dried up puss (gross, I know!) that would hide in my tonsils. I would constantly drink/eat something to try to get them to go down, but most of the time I'd cough really hard until they would come up. It drove me so crazy one time that I actually got a butter knife and stuck it down my throat, haha. ANYWAY, all of this to say that mine actually was due to allergies, and after taking allergy medicine they went away. Haha, and this probably has NOTHING to do with you... :-)

kenady said...

completely random and so completely you. so glad you did go to the doctor!! get better and stop buying stuff on AMAZON! LOL!! love ya!

mommara said...

So random but, I do hope you feel better soon. :)

Alex said...

Must be sick.....Vegan? For someone who loves chicken soup so much? hmm.....