Tuesday, February 8

Calling All Gleeks!!

I love Glee.  Love Love Love it!

And you guys know I love me some Gap-duh.

How much FUN was this?  For about 3 minutes- I wish I lived in LA and worked at the Gap at the Grove!  A couple lucky of Gap employees got to be in the clip! 

And if you guys watched the show-the guy who works at the Gap says his boss fired him...doubtful-if anyone (especially Darren Criss) came into Gap and busted out into song, all of us would be up on the tables with him! 

So much fun to watch!


mommara said...

Love it!

Kiki said...

I already dance on the counter....why would I fire you for it???

Anonymous said...

Loved it! Happy day to you my friend. It's almost Friday = )

C said...

Just wanted to let you know I am a new follower and I am in love with your blog!!

I just started one and I would love your opinions :)