Monday, November 30

Holy Giveaway Batman!

Ok so I haven't entered a giveaway in a while but this one was too good to pass up!

Check out Fantabulously Frugal's blog and sign up!

Fantabulously Frugal

Make sure you tell them I sent you!

Amazing Weekend!

Let me start off with this...

More on this awesomeness later.

So black Friday was a success!

Got to work about 7:30 AM and stayed til 5. We were pretty steady all day. I had some visitors throughout the day which made it fun! Some people came by I hadn't seen since high school graduation!

When I got off, I met up with some friends for dinner and a movie. My friend Carol was home from Durham, Natasha was home from Philadelphia, Sarah was home from Savannah, Angel, Emma, and Jenna all grabbed dinner. Then we went to see New Moon (again). After the movie, Carol, Natasha & I decided to have an impromptu photo shoot at Market Commons.

Saturday was gameday. South Carolina played its arch rival, Clemson. Lemme tell ya'll...I really try not to hate. I believe in disliking or having differences of opinions, but I hate Clemson. (Not any of my friends who went there, though :o))

Anyway, they have won the last few matches between our two teams and there is NOTHING sweeter than seeing them lose, especially to the GAMECOCKS! The final score was 34-17. I mean we beat them, beat them. Didn't squeak by, wasn't sheer luck. We. beat. them. Plus, it means bragging rights for a WHOLE YEAR! 2010 is gonna be ahhh-mazing!
So moving on, I had Natasha and Carol over for the game. Carol surprised Natasha by bringing another friend Kim, who has been in Argentina for the past year and a half working for Campus Crusade. Natasha was very surprised!

We all had a great time watching the game together. We made dad take a bunch of pictures after the game. I got to talking to them about how special our friendships different our college friendships are than our other relationships. We all did some growing up in four/five short years. I know I am going to have these girls in my life forever!

After the game we went to the mall to hang out and ended up going to see New Moon, again! I just cannot get enough of Edward Cullen. Mmmmm.

So recap of this amazing weekend---2 days spent with college besties, 2 viewings of New Moon and a Carolina over Clemsux WIN=Amazing!


Miserable Monday

  • Cafeteria workers
  • Corporate yoga
  • Moms who tells one kid they're cuter than the other
  • Gondoliers who can't swim
  • Gondoliers who are tone deaf
  • Being the only child whose picture is not on your parents' refrigerator
  • Naps at the bar
  • Yoga teachers with harsh, unsoothing voices
  • Brain surgeries in which you have to remain conscious
  • Pocket protectors
  • Fashionable cracks in restaurant walls
  • Breaking into a car and realizing you can't drive a stick
  • Screams
  • Eating leftovers at every meal
  • Prescription drugs that differ from generics only in their price
  • Having a phone number that is almost identical to an escort service
  • Getting stuck in traffic on your anniversary
  • Computer with opinions about politics
  • Funeral home employees who say: "Thank you, come again."
  • The demolition of beautiful old buildings

Sunday, November 29

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 was a great day!

Our family always goes over to Emma's house to celebrate. Her mom outdid herself again by cooking an AMAZING dinner!

Baked turkey, fried turkey, green beans, carrots, mashed potatoes, squash, homemade cranberry sauce, two different types of stuffing, chocolate walnut pie, and pumpkin pie!

I left about 20 pounds heavier, for sure!

Our beautiful table!

Emma & Me

Emma, Alex & Me

Me & Dad

Thursday, November 26

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving blog friends! I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with family, food, and friends! I am so thankful for all my family, friends and co-workers!

Tomorrow I'm working 8-5 so make sure you stop by Gap tomorrow to shop the Buy-One Get-One sweater!!

Monday, November 23

Miserable Monday

  • Cat People
  • Ordering Take-out, yet again
  • Step-grandparents
  • Weekly meetings with the principal at your child's school
  • Trying to entertain hungry small children for hours
  • Hands stuck in the cookie jar
  • Chewing gum in hair
  • Running out of diapers
  • Stabbing yourself with your corsage
  • Owls with insomnia
  • Surfers eaten by sharks
  • Companies that discontinue the pensions of loyal workers
  • Dating someone who brings out the worst in you
  • Action movies that try to be politically relevant
  • People on whom college is wasted

Sunday, November 22

Weekend Wrap-Up

Ok so I am promising to make a better effort to blog girls! Once I get into a better routine it'll be easier :o)

So this weekend was much needed!

Friday I met a friend to see New Moon!! First off-it was AMAZING.

A little background info-I have read all the books twice. It's been a while since I read New Moon and I'm glad there was some space in between me reading and me watching the movie b/c I wasn't watching it and finding all the things that were wrong. (Like I did for Twilight)

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

And I am 100% team Edward, just getting that out there. And I 100% hate book Jacob. But movie Jacob... o. m. g. I mean 1st off-he is SO hot. How many abs can one kid have? and 2nd he's so sweet, you can't help but like him. So New Moon-you get an A+ from me! And I'll be seeing you again this coming Friday when my long lost friend returns from Philadelphia for the weekend!

Saturday I met a friend for breakfast and did some shopping at the outlets. I purchased the Coach keyring for my new big girl job! It's like this but instead of purple metallic, it's gold metallic.

I also picked up a super cute new mint green sweater and chocolate brown cords from J.Crew. Shhh..don't tell Gap :o)

I picked up some SUPER cute Christmas treats for the boys at my fav doggie bakery-The Baker's Dog. Ya'll remember my little post about them here? Gus & Bailey were super excited about these bad boys...

Which leads me to today... what did I do? Ab-so-lute-ly nothing. It was great. Well, I did wear my hard contacts for FOUR hours today. I'm supposed to be wearing them everyday, adding an hour on when I can. But I just don't feel comfortable wearing them outside the comfort of my home yet. I'll be honest-I really can see A LOT better when I wear them, but the constant irritation they give along with better vision stinks! We'll see what happens with that situation...

Anyway, I hope all of you had a great weekend like I did! Back to work tomorrow, but I am SO excited about this week! Happy Sunday ladies!


Thursday, November 19

Please forgive me!

I have been the worst blogger ever!

But hopefully you'll forgive me!

Good news-I got the Brand Visual Merchandise Expert job at Gap! It's been a whirlwind since last week when I found out; working 8 hour shifts everyday this week, training, and just getting used to everything! Who knew there was so much stuff that went on behind the scenes at your favorite clothing store?

Anyway, I am super tired and I'm gonna veg out and watch some NBC Thursday TV (Community, Parks & Rec, The Office & 30 Rock!)

I'm off on Saturday so I'll be back then :o)

I've missed you girls!


Monday, November 16

Miserable Monday

  • Employees who make more photocopies than decisions
  • Hannibal Lecter
  • Shorts in catherals
  • Drooling while yawning
  • Large families in tacky matching shirts
  • Countries where voting for a particular candidate exponentially increases your chance of death
  • Patented colors
  • Novels advertised on buses
  • Heartworm
  • Ruptured spleens
  • Idiots with a bully pulpit
  • Blight
  • Job applicants who are convicted felons
  • Cold grits
  • Incompetent children who inherit their parents' business
  • People who think Under Armor is bulletproof

Saturday, November 14

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday! I won't reveal her true age b/c I'm a lady like that. :o)

My mom is one of the strongest person I know, kicking cancer's ARSE. I am so proud of her and how far she's come! I wish she were as confident in herself as I am in her! Here's a few pics down memory lane.

Love you Mom!!! Here's to many, many more!