Sunday, November 22

Weekend Wrap-Up

Ok so I am promising to make a better effort to blog girls! Once I get into a better routine it'll be easier :o)

So this weekend was much needed!

Friday I met a friend to see New Moon!! First off-it was AMAZING.

A little background info-I have read all the books twice. It's been a while since I read New Moon and I'm glad there was some space in between me reading and me watching the movie b/c I wasn't watching it and finding all the things that were wrong. (Like I did for Twilight)

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

And I am 100% team Edward, just getting that out there. And I 100% hate book Jacob. But movie Jacob... o. m. g. I mean 1st off-he is SO hot. How many abs can one kid have? and 2nd he's so sweet, you can't help but like him. So New Moon-you get an A+ from me! And I'll be seeing you again this coming Friday when my long lost friend returns from Philadelphia for the weekend!

Saturday I met a friend for breakfast and did some shopping at the outlets. I purchased the Coach keyring for my new big girl job! It's like this but instead of purple metallic, it's gold metallic.

I also picked up a super cute new mint green sweater and chocolate brown cords from J.Crew. Shhh..don't tell Gap :o)

I picked up some SUPER cute Christmas treats for the boys at my fav doggie bakery-The Baker's Dog. Ya'll remember my little post about them here? Gus & Bailey were super excited about these bad boys...

Which leads me to today... what did I do? Ab-so-lute-ly nothing. It was great. Well, I did wear my hard contacts for FOUR hours today. I'm supposed to be wearing them everyday, adding an hour on when I can. But I just don't feel comfortable wearing them outside the comfort of my home yet. I'll be honest-I really can see A LOT better when I wear them, but the constant irritation they give along with better vision stinks! We'll see what happens with that situation...

Anyway, I hope all of you had a great weekend like I did! Back to work tomorrow, but I am SO excited about this week! Happy Sunday ladies!



Julie said...

I saw New Moon on Friday as well and LOVED IT! Your purchases are adorable :)

CAC muffin said...

I loved New Moon too! I'm so glad you liked it!

Katie said...

i cannot wait to see it... I have to wait until wednesday though!

Hi, Lane said...

Ouch! Hard contacts? I didn't realize they even prescribed those anymore! My sister was given those, but they get foggy after like 2 hours, so she has to stick with glasses. Good luck with them!! Just be careful riding in the car with the windows down - my sister lost many a contact that way!

KAC said...

I saw the midnight show of New Moon and LOVED glad you liked it too!