Monday, November 2

Miserable Monday

  • Replying to a question that wasn't asked
  • Replying in the wrong language
  • Not realizing you were on speaker phone
  • The last day of vacation
  • Mortuary school
  • Trying to convey your life story in a few paragraphs
  • Trying to sound excited about your friends' lives
  • Trying to make your job sound sexy, impressive and dangerous
  • Looking around you
  • Trying to feel sexy in long underwear
  • Gratuitous high fives
  • Umbrellas inverted by strong winds
  • The words "please hang up and try again"
  • Crooked bangs
  • Flimsy plastic long chairs
  • Wheelbarrows with flat tires
  • Being told to expand your skill set


Sunshinemeg said...

Sexy in long underwear?! Hahah, there is no way!

Tracy-Girl said...

I hate when I am put on speakerphone and I have no idea!!!