Sunday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Every year, Emma & I carve pumpkins together. We laugh, we roast pumpkin seeds, we may partake in a hard apple cider, and we always come out with some pretty awesome pumpkins, if I do say so myself!

Emma setting up the table.

The back porch.

The tools.

When we were little people always thought we were twins.  Sometimes, people still ask.

This is me yelling at my dad who cannot seem to understand how to operate an SLR, and this is Emma cracking up at that. 

We take this picture every year.  It's tradition.

It totally looks like shes rubbing my hair with the the pumpkin goo.

Emma's pumpkin-before the big cut.


Here's mine!

A couple minutes, LOTS of humidity, and two hard apple ciders later...


Thursday, October 28

Keep it up!

I mean while we're on the subject of running...

Kiki completed her first half-marathon last Sunday!

Amy, Antonella & I met up with Ken and her Mom to cheer her on and we couldn't have been prouder!  

Our super fun signs we made!

Waiting patiently for her to come by us!

We found her!

Kik getting super happy to see us!  I promise-she's happy!

Coming to give us quick hugs on the way to the finish line.

And she's back off!

Her and Barbara approaching the finish line!

I think this is my favorite shot of the day!  Check out that medal!

Gap girls!

I thought this was the coolest idea-dedicate each mile to someone you love, think about them the whole mile to get you through it!  I love love love it!

Tuesday, October 26

Biggest Loser 5K Recap!

I have been neglecting my blog when it comes to life updates. Blerg.

I know I told you guys about the Biggest Loser coming to Myrtle Beach a couple weeks ago...well Amy & I signed up the day before and I'm so glad we did!

It was a warm morning, but it was a ton of fun.  It was Amy's first race ever, so that was super fun to be apart of.  We got to see several former contestants from the show, and I even high-fived Bob on the race! 

They told us the episode would air the week of Thanksgiving-so be sure to look for us!
This is the finish line...along the boardwalk.  Not too shabby a view!

Amy & I before the race.

The lady in the pink is Sherry from last season.

I totally high-fived him right after this!

We had a friend who printed out a life-sized head shot that they carried around the entire race.  She was a hit afterward and we took so many pictures with them.

Me & Sam-we always end up finding each other at local races.  Love her!

Kiki came to be our cheer squad/AV girl!

I didn't stand in line to get an autograph but I did get super close to get some pictures! 

Everybody loves the oranges at the end!

Sunday, October 24

Philly Recap!

Ok so it's been about 2 weeks since I've returned from Philly and let me start out by saying how much fun I had! We did so much shopping. So much sight seeing. So much eating. It was a great weekend! I wish it were closer so I could visit more often!

Here's the biggest picture dump ever:
Day 1-King of Prussia Mall

Pumpkin cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory

Day 2- Downtown Philly

Liberty Bell

Still cracked!

At Christ's Church cemetary-Ben Franklin's grave site. 

There just happened to be a car show on a side street downtown so we decided to check it out.  Low and behold-there was a DeLorean! 

Waiting to get into Independence Hall

The room where the Declaration of Independence was signed-too cool!

Congress Hall (Next to Independence Hall).

The original Senate.

City Hall-seriously one of the prettiest buildings I've seen.

Had to get a Cheesesteak!

Inside the Christiana Mall in Delaware - Natasha loves some R2D2!

We had a ridiculous amount of Cheesecake Factory that weekend!

My friend Jon from high school has moved up here this summer and turns out-he and his wife live super close to Natasha!  We were able to meet up for drinks the night before I left.