Thursday, April 30

Could these two be any more pathetic?

I don't watch The Hills anymore on a regular basis, mostly because of this pair. I mean I physically get angry when I watch them. They really get under my skin. Attention grabbing media you know whats.

Sorry my last few posts have been about stupid stuff lol, it's just what seems to be on my mind at the moment.

Good news- we got air conditioning at the office today! Well, hopefully... they were working on it in the office next door and were supposed to finish it tonight if not first thing tomorrow morning.

Happy almost weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, April 29

Does Anyone else despise the Subway Commercials Like I Do?

Seriously? Who came up with this STUPID jingle? It's not catchy. No one goes around singing it. Get over yourself Subway. You suck.

Tuesday, April 28

Fashionable Friday sadly sans Kiki...

Ok So our fav store (GAP) was having an AWESOME sale this weekend and Friday turned out to be the only day I could make it up there... our favorite Kiki wasn't there to join in on the fun, so we decided to have a Fashionable Friday! I love when the seasons change and all the cute stuff I want goes on sale!

(I'd like to take a moment to apologize for the frizzy hair. That's me being lazy & not fixing it.)

So I love this shirt, and I know it's gonna look super awesome when I get a tan on my pasty self. And how cute are those bermuda shorts? Only $25! And a size smaller than what I usually wear! You know that means I had to buy them.

I was channeling my inner Angel in this pic... I miss her. PS- Check out the almost nekkid chick in the poster. Didn't really notice that before... Oh and I got the shirt I'm wearing here... it has a super cute rose on the front.

So here is super cute Jenna. We've decided that peach is a great neutral. How snazzy is she in this outfit? PS- that bag was on sale from Target a few days earlier!

Ok So here is the dress I posted a few blogs back... but it was a grey & yellow pattern. Unfortunately, they didn't have that color, but they did have these- both under $20. You know I had to get it... I decided on the coral- I know I have a lot in that color, but ya know what- it's one of my favorites, and I think I look pretty good in it, so - why not get more of it? The blue was really pretty, but the coral has a really pretty sheen to it. I'm super happy that I got it ON SALE and then an additional 25% off.

So that's the fun weekend I had. Saturday, I had a Harry Potter Movie Marathon and caught a stomach flu and have been out of commission ever since. I am feeling better and I went back to work today. Yay for a four day work week! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Too funny...

Ok I saw this on & had to share it with everyone...

Thursday, April 23

No, this isn't California...

So as many of you know, the northern part of Horry County has been dealing with a wild fire since yesterday... and let me say- holy crap. I've never seen anything like it before in my life. Thankfully, I live about 20-30 miles south of the blaze so personally, I am not being affected.

The fire has destroyed more than 15,000 (THOUSAND) acres, 2500 people have been evacuated, 40 homes have been destroyed, over 100 homes have been damaged... the numbers will probably go up by this time tomorrow I'm sure. Today I saw helicopters flying in & dropping water on the blaze. It's so crazy. Here are some pictures I've found from some news sites so you can get an idea of how huge this fire is...

I did not take these pictures, I took them from Hopefully this fire will be put out soon! My prayers are going out to the communities and families who are being affected!

Tuesday, April 21

How cute are these?

it's me & bailey

it's me & gus (& my diet coke)

Random Thoughts Along the Day...

Seriously? Craigslist Killer... How sick is that...

Secondly... I'd like to share this wonderful picture that stares at me all day in the office.

Enjoy fellow bloggers!

Monday, April 20


So I'm back from my super busy weekend! It was so much fun ya'll- I really miss my college girls. Sometimes, I feel like a different person around them- is that weird? Oh well.

Shower on Friday went great- there were probably around 30ish people that came. We had a barbeque, played a game, and then opened presents! Suzanne & Charlie got some really nice stuff! It was really great seeing all my Shandon peeps :o)

The Bridesmaids that came to the shower.

Me, Megan & Renae- My small group leaders sophomore year.

Tricia, Me, Suzanne (the Bride!), Kristin & Kaci- my bible study girls from last semester!

I left on Saturday morning to head up to Greenville with Natasha, got there around 1, changed, got ready for Shannon's shower. It ended up going really well- I was technically a hostess for that one. (I did the invitations, duh.) Natasha had a really fun game- all questions about how well we all knew Shannon... I did okay- I only missed 5 out of 16. Some of them were pretty specific! We stayed the night there, and Shannon showed us where the wedding & reception is going to be. Greenville is such a fun place, even though I only saw a little bit, I can't wait for her wedding weekend!

Shannon opening all her presents!

All the ladies at the end of the shower!

After all that, we drove home Sunday. What a long day. I will have to say- I took the best nap EVER when I got home. There's nothing like coming home to your own bed!

And let me say I am SO EXCITED to have gotten my first blogger award! Emily on From the Land of Cotton (Fellow Gamecock Gal) gave it to me!!! I am super jazzed!

Okay, so the goals of this award are:

1. As a dedication for those who love blogging and love to encourage friendships through blogging.
2. To seek the reasons why we all love blogging.
3. Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.
4. Don't forget to mention the person who gives you the award.
5. Answer the award's question by writing the reason why you love blogging.
6. Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.
7. Don't forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post

So why do I love blogging? I'm going to have to credit my friend Jenna for that- it started innocently enough- who could find the cutest backgrounds! ha, but seriously... I love reading about everyone's life- it makes me feel a little more normal. I love sharing my thoughts and feelings with any & everyone who feels like reading about me! I also love checking out all the cute pretty stuff on everyone's blogs! I've encouraged some of my Cola people to start them so I can keep up with their lives on a more daily basis!

I'm going to give this award to Jenna at The Chic & Sassy Southern Newlywed, My favorite Gap Gal at KikiBee & Angela at The Preppy Polka Dot. I love reading these ladies' thoughts!

Don't forget to tell us why you love blogging, girls, and tag some others to join in on the fun! Thanks again Emily!!!!!!!!

Gus wanted to make an appearance this evening- He's a pill. A Cute one though :o)

Friday, April 17

busy busy weekend!

so starts the beginnings of another wedding season! i do love all things wedding, i can't help it. it's an X chromosome thing i think.

im leaving work a bit early for suzanne's shower/bbq tonight in columbia, then tomorrow morning, i'm headed to greenville for shannon's kitchen shower! it's going to be a lot of driving, but it's totally worth spending a weekend with my college girls who i miss SO much! i have been SO blessed to have met some of the most amazing friends in college. even though i've only known them for 2, 3, or 4 years- i know they will be life-long friends. it's going to be too much fun :o)

i hope everyone else has a fantastic weekend, i'll be sure to post some pics from the showers when i return sunday!

Wednesday, April 15

This might be a little repetitive...

But I need your help! I've finally decided to make some business cards and stickers for my invitation "business". The name is The Fine Print. Please tell me which version of the card you like the best. Or, if you have any suggestions- I'm all ears!




This is the logo I want to create stickers from to place on the backs of all my invitations. Again- let me know which font you like the best.

Ok so there you have it! Please send me your choices so I can get to printing these!

Not Anorexic?


More fun giveaways!

Everyone needs to go check out Misadventures of a Newlywed's summer giveaway! These towels are so cute!

Saturday, April 11

Blogging from Bed

So it's one of those lazy Saturdays... my favorite!

My weekend started Thursday afternoon since we had Good Friday off from work. My friend Emma who has been interning in Daytona Beach, FL came home and we hung out a little bit. It was great to catch up. She had a not so fun time down there, so she's glad to be back :o)

Friday, stopped by Kohls to see if they had the tennis shoes I've been wanting in my size... they didn't. So I ended up with these:

They aren't the ones I wanted, but they are super comfy. I just pray they don't give me blisters.

After Kohls, I met up with Emma & Jenna and we tore up some WaHo... (Waffle House). Man, that place is good.

We headed up to the outlet stores since I had tons of coupons. I, of course, blew through all my spending money at the Gap Outlet. Let me show you my super cute finds!

This is the magenta camisole that I've been wanting from there. Yesterday, they were 50% off!

A navy & white striped tank- I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this shirt. I'm thinking about putting it under my bright sunshine yellow cardigan I got a few weeks ago.

My newest obsession: Bright Yellow. I love this bright yellow striped rugby shirt! Know what makes it better? It was $7.99 & then an additional 15% off!

This super cute floral green cardigan is what I'm planning on wearing for Easter. Maybe with some white pants?

I got this dress for a wedding shower I have to go to this coming weekend. It's so cute on! I think I'm going to wear a coral cardigan on top since my arms are SUPER white. People are just going to have to deal with the pale legs. No hiding those.

We dilly-dallied around there some more before starting the apartment hunt!

Emma & I are going to try to find an apartment. We don't have the funds right now, but we're hoping by the end of May we'll be able to have saved enough to PEACE OUT of our parents' house. Jenna came too & acted as our spokeswoman. We called a few places & stopped by some rental offices. All together we went to about 5-6 places and there were about 2-3 I really liked. Some places were closed b/c of Good Friday, but hopefully we'll be able to find something cute & cheap when the time comes!

Anyway... I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend- I know I am. I hope everyone takes some time to remember the Easter story tomorrow and the awesomeness that is the resurrection! God is so good!

Thursday, April 9

Super cute giveaway...

In celebration of 100 posts- woo!- From the land of Cotton is having a super cute giveaway! Tervis tumbler & towel! Check it out!!!

Monday, April 6

Best Week EVER

Ok so last week was pretty amazing.

I made a promise to myself in march saying "April was going to be MY month!"

I need to be proactive about the positive changes I want to see in my life...

Anyway, so I got a job on Tuesday. A job in graphic design. A job doing what I went to school for. A job doing, what I think, I'm good at. Hallelujah!

It's with a new marketing group called "Riceldon Marketing Group". They are owned by a guy who owns a lot of other random things- a swimming pool company, a marine construction company, a biker bar, and a general contractor company. I feel like I've been exposed to a lot of entrepreneurship type people lately... It's inspiring. Anyway, so I am the in-house graphic artist! Woo! It's not AMAZING pay or anything, but hey- it's a job, it's a job doing something that I like, and it's enough to help me start moving out! PRAISE JESUS. Something else that will hopefully happen in April :o)

Also, I had a date on Friday night.

I know, everyone catch their gasps.

It was with a friend of mine's husband's brother. If you can follow that. I met him at their wedding in July of 2007, and at the time, he had a girlfriend. He was my person to walk down the aisle with- foreshadowing? We shall see! haha...

He was very sweet, we went to dinner & then down to the Marsh Walk and listened to some music. It was nice to be out of the house, with a boy.

We went to the beach to sit on Saturday & out to lunch before he had to go back to VA. He's in the Navy, stationed in Norfolk. So that's kind of a bummer... We'll see what happens though- I'm just excited about the prospects. This coming from a girl who hasn't gone in a date in seriously about 3 years... It's crazy how much one person can hurt you and make you think ill of all people with X & Y Chromosomes.

More good news? You know it!

Gap was having an AMAZING sale this weekend and I was able to purchase a sweater/jacket I've been wanting FOREVER. For real, every time I went in there I'd just feel it. Well, it was on sale, along with some other really cute stuff- AND they were having a buy 4 things on sale and get an extra 30% off! Oh yea, I scored.

I got some other stuff, but nothing as amazing as the waffle sweater!

Is it sad that clothes make me that happy? If it's wrong, I definitely don't want to be right!

I also got a grown-up watch. It's my Easter present from my parents. Jenna & I were at JCPenny looking for a watch for her... and I came across this cute little one... they were having crazy deals- 25% off and then an additional 15% off! It still ended up being more expensive then I would have paid, but since I have a big girl job, a big girl watch is totally required, right? Right. It's like a piece of jewelry too, it's kinda loose around my wrist so it dangles all pretty-like. I love it. I keep looking at it and just shaking my wrist around.

So Yea, job, date, sweater & watch. Not too shabby!

Oh, I also washed my sheets today! I LOVE clean sheets!

And everyone needs to download Kings of Leon "Use Somebody". I'm really loving them at the moment.

I hope everyone else is having a great start to April! Yay for Idol tomorrow :o)