Saturday, April 11

Blogging from Bed

So it's one of those lazy Saturdays... my favorite!

My weekend started Thursday afternoon since we had Good Friday off from work. My friend Emma who has been interning in Daytona Beach, FL came home and we hung out a little bit. It was great to catch up. She had a not so fun time down there, so she's glad to be back :o)

Friday, stopped by Kohls to see if they had the tennis shoes I've been wanting in my size... they didn't. So I ended up with these:

They aren't the ones I wanted, but they are super comfy. I just pray they don't give me blisters.

After Kohls, I met up with Emma & Jenna and we tore up some WaHo... (Waffle House). Man, that place is good.

We headed up to the outlet stores since I had tons of coupons. I, of course, blew through all my spending money at the Gap Outlet. Let me show you my super cute finds!

This is the magenta camisole that I've been wanting from there. Yesterday, they were 50% off!

A navy & white striped tank- I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this shirt. I'm thinking about putting it under my bright sunshine yellow cardigan I got a few weeks ago.

My newest obsession: Bright Yellow. I love this bright yellow striped rugby shirt! Know what makes it better? It was $7.99 & then an additional 15% off!

This super cute floral green cardigan is what I'm planning on wearing for Easter. Maybe with some white pants?

I got this dress for a wedding shower I have to go to this coming weekend. It's so cute on! I think I'm going to wear a coral cardigan on top since my arms are SUPER white. People are just going to have to deal with the pale legs. No hiding those.

We dilly-dallied around there some more before starting the apartment hunt!

Emma & I are going to try to find an apartment. We don't have the funds right now, but we're hoping by the end of May we'll be able to have saved enough to PEACE OUT of our parents' house. Jenna came too & acted as our spokeswoman. We called a few places & stopped by some rental offices. All together we went to about 5-6 places and there were about 2-3 I really liked. Some places were closed b/c of Good Friday, but hopefully we'll be able to find something cute & cheap when the time comes!

Anyway... I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend- I know I am. I hope everyone takes some time to remember the Easter story tomorrow and the awesomeness that is the resurrection! God is so good!

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