Monday, April 6

Best Week EVER

Ok so last week was pretty amazing.

I made a promise to myself in march saying "April was going to be MY month!"

I need to be proactive about the positive changes I want to see in my life...

Anyway, so I got a job on Tuesday. A job in graphic design. A job doing what I went to school for. A job doing, what I think, I'm good at. Hallelujah!

It's with a new marketing group called "Riceldon Marketing Group". They are owned by a guy who owns a lot of other random things- a swimming pool company, a marine construction company, a biker bar, and a general contractor company. I feel like I've been exposed to a lot of entrepreneurship type people lately... It's inspiring. Anyway, so I am the in-house graphic artist! Woo! It's not AMAZING pay or anything, but hey- it's a job, it's a job doing something that I like, and it's enough to help me start moving out! PRAISE JESUS. Something else that will hopefully happen in April :o)

Also, I had a date on Friday night.

I know, everyone catch their gasps.

It was with a friend of mine's husband's brother. If you can follow that. I met him at their wedding in July of 2007, and at the time, he had a girlfriend. He was my person to walk down the aisle with- foreshadowing? We shall see! haha...

He was very sweet, we went to dinner & then down to the Marsh Walk and listened to some music. It was nice to be out of the house, with a boy.

We went to the beach to sit on Saturday & out to lunch before he had to go back to VA. He's in the Navy, stationed in Norfolk. So that's kind of a bummer... We'll see what happens though- I'm just excited about the prospects. This coming from a girl who hasn't gone in a date in seriously about 3 years... It's crazy how much one person can hurt you and make you think ill of all people with X & Y Chromosomes.

More good news? You know it!

Gap was having an AMAZING sale this weekend and I was able to purchase a sweater/jacket I've been wanting FOREVER. For real, every time I went in there I'd just feel it. Well, it was on sale, along with some other really cute stuff- AND they were having a buy 4 things on sale and get an extra 30% off! Oh yea, I scored.

I got some other stuff, but nothing as amazing as the waffle sweater!

Is it sad that clothes make me that happy? If it's wrong, I definitely don't want to be right!

I also got a grown-up watch. It's my Easter present from my parents. Jenna & I were at JCPenny looking for a watch for her... and I came across this cute little one... they were having crazy deals- 25% off and then an additional 15% off! It still ended up being more expensive then I would have paid, but since I have a big girl job, a big girl watch is totally required, right? Right. It's like a piece of jewelry too, it's kinda loose around my wrist so it dangles all pretty-like. I love it. I keep looking at it and just shaking my wrist around.

So Yea, job, date, sweater & watch. Not too shabby!

Oh, I also washed my sheets today! I LOVE clean sheets!

And everyone needs to download Kings of Leon "Use Somebody". I'm really loving them at the moment.

I hope everyone else is having a great start to April! Yay for Idol tomorrow :o)


Kiki said...

This is so great, April is definitely your month and I am so glad that you are feeling better about the male species!!! We'll see where things go!!!

I am so glad that you love your sweater...I know you had waited for it for a while, you deserve it!!!

USCEmily said...

Congratulations on your job & your date! You have had some great luck! :-) I love your new background!!

BellaCene said...

Wow! What a week! Congrats on the job! Ok, I think i'm going to use your method of proclaiming "____ is going to be my month!" April was by far my crapiest month :(

Thanks for the inspiration!