Wednesday, April 15

This might be a little repetitive...

But I need your help! I've finally decided to make some business cards and stickers for my invitation "business". The name is The Fine Print. Please tell me which version of the card you like the best. Or, if you have any suggestions- I'm all ears!




This is the logo I want to create stickers from to place on the backs of all my invitations. Again- let me know which font you like the best.

Ok so there you have it! Please send me your choices so I can get to printing these!


Hi, Lane said...

I like "the Fine Print" on the first one and your name on the second one.

Kiki said...

#2 on the sticker....the business card....not sure...did you already do something???

Katherine said...

#4 on the card

the sticker, either #1 or #4 -
i think #4 on the sticker would look better if the "The" and the "print" were a tad bit less bold.

amber said...

I like number 4 on the card

Nicole said...

hey! how do i get a hold of you to talk about invites?!