Thursday, October 28

Keep it up!

I mean while we're on the subject of running...

Kiki completed her first half-marathon last Sunday!

Amy, Antonella & I met up with Ken and her Mom to cheer her on and we couldn't have been prouder!  

Our super fun signs we made!

Waiting patiently for her to come by us!

We found her!

Kik getting super happy to see us!  I promise-she's happy!

Coming to give us quick hugs on the way to the finish line.

And she's back off!

Her and Barbara approaching the finish line!

I think this is my favorite shot of the day!  Check out that medal!

Gap girls!

I thought this was the coolest idea-dedicate each mile to someone you love, think about them the whole mile to get you through it!  I love love love it!


Sunshinemeg said...

Congrats to your friend! What an accomplishment. Very cool!

kenady said...

YAY for Kiki!!! I was cheering her on from the 'ville!!!

CAC muffin said...

Yay for KiKi thats so awesome! I love the running a mile in honor of someone thats an awesome idea

Kiki said...

Love, love, love you dear friend- for being there and cheering me on, for organizing a sign and taking such ah-mazing photos!!!! You are a gift and I am so grateful for you!!!

Hilary Lane said...

Awww, cool! My friend Josh is an EMT & worked that race. He came home with like 5 of those medals & was so excited because of the bottle opener on them, haha. He said some guy ran all the way within like 500 feet of the finish line & started convulsing. He threw up all over Josh & they had to take him to the hospital, so he didn't even get to finish. I felt so bad for the poor guy!