Monday, November 30

Amazing Weekend!

Let me start off with this...

More on this awesomeness later.

So black Friday was a success!

Got to work about 7:30 AM and stayed til 5. We were pretty steady all day. I had some visitors throughout the day which made it fun! Some people came by I hadn't seen since high school graduation!

When I got off, I met up with some friends for dinner and a movie. My friend Carol was home from Durham, Natasha was home from Philadelphia, Sarah was home from Savannah, Angel, Emma, and Jenna all grabbed dinner. Then we went to see New Moon (again). After the movie, Carol, Natasha & I decided to have an impromptu photo shoot at Market Commons.

Saturday was gameday. South Carolina played its arch rival, Clemson. Lemme tell ya'll...I really try not to hate. I believe in disliking or having differences of opinions, but I hate Clemson. (Not any of my friends who went there, though :o))

Anyway, they have won the last few matches between our two teams and there is NOTHING sweeter than seeing them lose, especially to the GAMECOCKS! The final score was 34-17. I mean we beat them, beat them. Didn't squeak by, wasn't sheer luck. We. beat. them. Plus, it means bragging rights for a WHOLE YEAR! 2010 is gonna be ahhh-mazing!
So moving on, I had Natasha and Carol over for the game. Carol surprised Natasha by bringing another friend Kim, who has been in Argentina for the past year and a half working for Campus Crusade. Natasha was very surprised!

We all had a great time watching the game together. We made dad take a bunch of pictures after the game. I got to talking to them about how special our friendships different our college friendships are than our other relationships. We all did some growing up in four/five short years. I know I am going to have these girls in my life forever!

After the game we went to the mall to hang out and ended up going to see New Moon, again! I just cannot get enough of Edward Cullen. Mmmmm.

So recap of this amazing weekend---2 days spent with college besties, 2 viewings of New Moon and a Carolina over Clemsux WIN=Amazing!



Kelly said...

what a great weekend!!! sounds like it was a blast.

happy monday

The Wife said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Gamecock pictures!!

Wila (aka Ali) said...

I went and saw New Moon with my Gamecock friends this weekend. Very excited about the win!!! Suck it, Clemson! :-) I have to say though, I'm kind of loving Jacob after having seen the movie... I know...I know...he's just. so. hot.

Jane said...

You girls look like you had a BLAST! Fun!