Thursday, November 19

Please forgive me!

I have been the worst blogger ever!

But hopefully you'll forgive me!

Good news-I got the Brand Visual Merchandise Expert job at Gap! It's been a whirlwind since last week when I found out; working 8 hour shifts everyday this week, training, and just getting used to everything! Who knew there was so much stuff that went on behind the scenes at your favorite clothing store?

Anyway, I am super tired and I'm gonna veg out and watch some NBC Thursday TV (Community, Parks & Rec, The Office & 30 Rock!)

I'm off on Saturday so I'll be back then :o)

I've missed you girls!



Kiki said...

So glad you posted this!!! Congrats on getting the deserve it and are a GREAT addition to our team!!! How lucky am I???? Thanks for saying "yes"!

jlc said...


Sweet Simplicity said...

Congrats on the job! It sounds fun!

Kelly said...

congrats!!! you must be so proud!

rest up, friend!

USCEmily said...

Way to go, Lindsay! I know you'll be great at the new job :-)

Julie said...

Congrats - so exciting!