Monday, November 23

Miserable Monday

  • Cat People
  • Ordering Take-out, yet again
  • Step-grandparents
  • Weekly meetings with the principal at your child's school
  • Trying to entertain hungry small children for hours
  • Hands stuck in the cookie jar
  • Chewing gum in hair
  • Running out of diapers
  • Stabbing yourself with your corsage
  • Owls with insomnia
  • Surfers eaten by sharks
  • Companies that discontinue the pensions of loyal workers
  • Dating someone who brings out the worst in you
  • Action movies that try to be politically relevant
  • People on whom college is wasted

1 comment:

The Un-Bride said...

People on whom college is wasted! I can seriously get on my soapbox about this one.