Sunday, May 9

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday I was off and got to hang out with my friend Carol. She's been in Knoxville, TV for the last three months-she is almost done with school- she's going for physical therapy at MUSC. She has finished with her rotations and is graduating in about 2 weeks down in Charleston. We hit up the outlets and got some super cute dresses!

I worked Saturday, but after I got off, I went back to the outlets to return a dress, then had a yummy taco dinner with Kiks and her family. It was so much fun listening to Ken explain the internet to her Nana and her tell stories from growing up.

I, unfortunately, don't live close to any of my extended family, so I always feel extra special when I get to adopt other families :o)

Today was Mother's Day.

Dad made pancakes this morning and we spent the morning hanging out on the back porch. It was SUPER beautiful outside today--I took some pictures of our roses in the back yard.

Dad & I got Mom some bubble bath stuff from Bath & Body Works & a pair of gold hoop earrings she wanted.

We picked up sushi to-go and watched our DVR'd Betty White on SNL. I'd say the weekend & Mother's Day was a success!

I'm looking forward to a busy work week starting tomorrow! New flow, Markdowns, and more stuff!

Hope you all had a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!

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Kiki said...

The video is hilarious and jiggly...kind of nauseating in a funny way. I love the roses and the picture of your mom is GREAT!!!! So glad she was loving the earrings!!!

We were glad to have you at the fit in...not sure that is a good thing! Heehee! XO