Monday, December 14

Miserable Monday

  • Learning how to make out from an article in a teen magazine
  • Not being sure whether a title should be in quotes or italics
  • Feeling embarrassed for people who lack a sense of shame
  • First jobs
  • Your mother marrying one of your high school classmates
  • Men who think that all female athletes are lesbians
  • Advertisements that coin words like "fabulosity"
  • Financial advisors who need advice
  • Financial advisors who don't follow their own advice
  • Learning the moon is not made of cheese
  • Attempts to help that just make things worse
  • Toilet paper that sticks to your shoe
  • Trying to call your in-laws by their first names for the first time
  • Fuzzy toilet seat covers
  • Eighteen-year-olds that still go trick-or-treating
  • Grandfather clocks that always chime the wrong time

1 comment:

Blackeyed Susan said...

I hope you have a better Tuesday :) Love your blog!