Saturday, July 17

Random Post To Hold Ya Over

Ok so right now, I am probably still on my John Mayer high [expect a detailed post w/ pics upon my return!]... but this was too good not to share with you guys!

So the other day I went to Food Lion. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was sitting in the car, and I check my rear view mirror and who do I see?

Brett Michaels?! Is that you?



Cassie said...

lol! I've seen the oddest dressed people when I'm out...I should start taking pictures and putting them up on the ol' blog!

I hope the concert went well!

Kiki said...


Kiki said...

Really? Really? Not one Mayer pic....just to hold us over??? You're killing me!

Kiki said...

Where is JOHN MAYER???????? I'll keep posting this until you get the pictures up!!!

CAC muffin said...

hahahah now thats just plain FUNNY!

Donielle said...

hahahaha almost as good as seeing John Mayer!!...wait. no. hahahaha <3