Sunday, July 12


So I feel like I haven't updated in a while. (other than Gus and MJ)

I promise I'm still here!

Work has been insane. Ya'll, I have to find something new. It's a bad environment. It's definitely not what I thought I'd be doing. There's a lot of backwards things that go on and I don't want anything to do with it. Hopefully within the next month I'll be gone. I'm trying to hold out until after these weddings are over so I'll have some money for those.

Speaking of weddings, I finished Shannon's 200 wedding programs! They turned out really cute. I'll be bringing them up with me to Greenville next weekend for the wedding.

(That's Natasha being an amazing friend helping with the programs.)

So yea, wedding #1 is this coming Saturday, the 18th, in Greenville. I just picked up my dress from the alterations place today. I'm really excited to spend time with those girls. One of the bridesmaids (roomie from junior year) just got a job with Boeing, in Philadelphia so this will be one of the last hang out times I'll have with her.

The following weekend is wedding #2. I have have have to find a date for this wedding. My ex will be there as an usher with his WIFE. ugh. So you get the idea.

It sounds like everyone had a fun Fourth. I laid out by the pool and watched fireworks at the beach. Nothing amazing but super relaxing.

I also got my hair done last week. I love it when it's SUPER blonde.

I also did the invitations for the rehearsal dinner. I think they turned out super fun.

Tonight I went and got ice cream with my pops. He's such a good sport :o)

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend! I'm planning on hanging with Natasha tomorrow to watch a Michael Jackson concert that we found :o) and probably tiddying up my room/desk. I need to get organized before the weddings! Night lovelies!



Lindsay said...

Have you thought about starting your own company? Or even a little etsy shop?

Anonymous said...

That is a ton of programs. Good work! The invites you did are super cute too. I really like the color of the header part.

USCEmily said...

SHUT UP! I just read the invitation and realized that your friend married the son of one of our Arts & Sciences Board Members- Carolyn Polston. She and her husband are also scholarship donors to the college I work for and manage the scholarships for. SMALL WORLD!

Adie said...

I would love to see the front of the programs!