Friday, January 28

What have I been up to?

These my friends.

After reading the the buzz all over the blog world about this series, I picked them up from my local Books-a-million.


I know these are "Teen Fiction" but guess what?  I'm still a teenager at heart.

These books were so hard to put down.  In fact, I've stayed up til midnight the past two nights finishing them!

I love when I can become fully immersed into a world created by an author.  When I dream about the characters-creating my own stories with them- or wondering in my daily life what would they say or what would they be doing?  Any body else ever do this?

Anywho- if you want a fun, quick, exciting read-pick up The Hunger Games!

Rumor has it they are going to be making these into a movie-you know I'll be first in line!

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