Sunday, September 21

good sunday morning!

Good morning my fellow bloggers!  Due to my recent puppy purchase I've been waking up increasingly earlier than ever before!  Thank God Gus decided to sleep till 7:30 a.m. this morning :o)  I do find myself enjoying the cool weather that comes with 7 a.m. though!  And with the rest of my house still asleep- it's perfect blogging time!  And with no further ado... I begin...

So I feel like a lot has happened since Wednesday... Thursday was my friend Keriann's little brother's birthday :o)  He is now 20 years old.  That boggles my mind.  I remember when he was just a little kid hiding and running away from us and we'd have to go SEARCHING all of freakin' Deerfield to find him.  It's really cool to watch people grow up... Now Jerren is such an awesome guy to hang out with and he is SO funny.  I always end up going home with my sides hurting from laughing when we all get together, and this was no exception.  Their family (including myself :o)  dined at Olive Garden, always a favorite, to celebrate his bday!  

He loved it.  We also had some interesting people sitting around us... but unfortunately I did not get any pictures of them... so sad!  

Friday was Girl's Night!  Angel, Jenna & myself treated us to Bonefish Grill & as always, we had a blast!  It is always fun to go out with people who you connect with and can just sit and laugh all night long... I would post pictures but Angel is slack and has not posted any of hers yet :o)  Love you Angel!  I will post some of the awesome ones whenever she decides to share them with me :o)

Yesterday... I was a cleaning machine!  I tend to let my room go when it comes to putting away clothes... I don't know why I can't keep it clean once I've cleaned it, but I can't so I have cleaning days to help the situation.  So while I was cleaning, Emma came over and kept me company bringing with her Chick-fil-a sweet tea aka God's gift to me. 

Later in the day, Dad's work was having an employee appreciation party... we were invited, even though Dad hasn't stepped foot in FedEx since Dece
mber, all his peeps miss him!  The get-together was on the Air Force Base and they had some outside games and then inside there was catering from Big D's-delish!  And to top it off... they had a karaoke machine... And we convinced Dad to go up their with one of his employee's son to sing AC/DC "Money Talks".

This was one of the funniest/sweetest things I have ever seen!  By the way... "Money Talks" was the 5 year-old's choice to sing, not Dad's.  

My friend Carol came over after the party to watch some college football- the only thing you should be doing on a Saturday!  Let's see... Florida beat Tennessee 30-6, so I guess that means somewhere out there...

... gross.  Thank God we bet Wofford yesterday as well... 23-13- Dad & I gave our tickets to Suzanne & Charlie, so we didn't go to the game :o(  

Georgia also won last night, which sucks.  I can't stand them.  Down with UGA!

Anyway... That's pretty much all that's been going on since we've last chatted... Hope everyone has had as fun a weekend as I did!  

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