Monday, November 15

If there's one thing I love...

it's a product review.


I could sit on-line for hours reading reviews on clothing, shoes, beauty products, household products, you name it.  If someone has reviewed it, I'll read about it.

Which brings me to this:

The Clarisonic Skin Cleansing Systems.

I have been checking this guy out for a while now, but last night I seriously submerged myself in reviews on it, which has left me at a cross road.

Here's the dilemma: 
  1. It's pricey.  If there's anything I can get over/talk myself into, it's making an investment.  Everything I've read about this is that it is exactly that-a skinvenstment.  Isn't that cute?  
  2. There are too many options.  
    • There's the Mia-which I love because it's a mini.  And it's travel-appropriate.  But then again, none of them are that gigantic.  I like the little charger.  Do I want one that has a bigger cradle to charge it?  It's also the cheapest.  But in the grand scheme of things, is $50 that much more?  And I've found a couple coupon codes and other sites that sell the Mia, and other versions cheaper.  It only comes with the sensitive brush head.  Do I need other brush heads?  It also only has one speed and a one-year warranty.
    • There's the Classic-which pushes me towards this train of though..."It's the classic.  The original.  Why would I get something else besides the first one?  The whole "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" idea.  It is bigger.  Is bigger better?  It comes with the choice of the sensitive or normal brush head?  Which do I choose?  The Classic holds a charge longer than the Mia.  The Classic also has two speeds-low & normal and a two-year warranty.
    • Lastly, the Plus-has all the bells and whistles.  And honestly, when have I ever been known to not go with the bells and whistles?  This has a sensitive brush head and body brush head that I could use on the rest of my body.  It also comes with trial sizes of their cleansing products.  Also has a long charge life.  
So there ya have it.  What do you guys think?  Do any of you have a Clarisonic?


    Lindsay [Bella Cene'] said...

    I want one sooooooo bad! The price is a bit of a deterrent. lol I've heard so many good things. I may have to make that leap! Hmm, I'm torn between the Mia and the Classic

    Royar said...

    I want one as well! I just can't decide!