Sunday, November 14

SEC East Championship!

Last night, South Carolina Gamecocks beat the Florida Gators to clinch the SEC East Championship. This is a huge feat for my school. When they brought Spurrier on as head coach in 2005, this was a big goal for him to accomplish. Everyone had such high hopes from him. But something that was hard for South Carolina to do was recruit the kind of players it takes for a team to win the SEC East. Remember, we are in the same confrence as Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee, all at one point in time, being huge power houses in college football.  This year though, we beat them all.  Even the #1 ranked team in the country, Alabama.  We did have some losses, Auburn, Kentucky & Arkansas (all SEC teams) but I think that's pretty typical for South Carolina.  They have to keep it real.  Anyway, I could not be prouder of my school and what they've accomplished this year.  Here's to December 4th.  Wish I could go to Atlanta and see us take on Auburn one more time, hopefully redeeming ourselves! 

The reason we have done so well this year is because of this man right here.  Marcus Lattimore- I love you.

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