Sunday, July 24

It's me... is anyone still out there?

Wow-can't believe it's been since June since I last updated.

FYI-The NKOTBSB concert was beyond my wildest dreams.  I've seen the Backstreet Boys about 4 times and this was certainly the best.  Potentially the best concert I've ever been to.  It was about 3-1/2 hours long and it was song after song after song.  Ugh- I want to go again.


Everything else has been just chugging' along.

  • I've been working a lot-we've been having some changes at the store, but it's been fun.  Keeping all of us on our toes, that's for sure!

  • I've gotten to see a lot of college friends this summer, which is always fun!

  • USC, my alma mater, won the College World Series Championship AGAIN this year.  Makes me so proud to be a Gamecock!

  •  The final Harry Potter came out.  Super sad, but super amazing.  We had such a good time!

So yea, that's what's been going on around my neck of the woods!  I've definitely been reading all of your blogs still-just the worst commenter/blogger ever!

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