Sunday, October 19

Ok so it's been 4 days... sue me.

Ok so it's been a few days since I've last updated... my deepest & sincerest apologies do go out.  

This weekend my dad & I went to Columbia for the South Carolina/LSU game.  We were super pumped since it was an 8 o'clock game televised on ESPN... yea we're a big deal... so yea... National Champions in our house.  We were totally ready for the upset, and at half-time, I was actually starting to believe it very well might have happened. 

South Carolina started our red-shirt freshman Stephen Garcia... let's just say it was long overdue.  When he came to USC, he got himself in a bit of trouble, i.e. getting arrested & keying a professor's car.  When I first heard about those unfortunate events, I, along with the rest of SC, said "get this hoodlum outta here!"  but, thank the good Lord they didn't.  

He was amazing last night.  By half-time we were winning 17-10.  Defeating the National Title holders.  Little did we know, that was going to be as good as it got for South Carolina.  

So we lost, 24-17.  The second half LSU just dominated.  It was incredibly sad to watch a team that was shutting them and their stupid fans up to crumble before your eyes, but alas, this is the familiar story of a South Carolina fan.

Which brings me to a much lighter note-  Clemson lost to GA Tech... oh yea... it gets better... their head coach- Tommy Bowden- he got the boot on Monday.  When I first heard the news, I didn't believe it.  He'd been there for 10 years and just signed a contract with them for a few more years this past football season... but you never know with college football.  The Clemson community is so full of hot aired people and with Bowden they expected a possible national championship (ha, yea right) but at least an ACC Championship, which may have been feasible, and so I can understand why Clemson decided to let him go.  Do I agree with letting him go in the middle of the season during conference games?  I dunno about that... but what the alumni want, the alumni get.  Bowden, however, isn't hurting one bit.  He's sitting with his feet up on Saturdays now with a cool check for $3.5 million.  No big deal.  

Anyway... so yea my weekend was consumed with college football, which is just fine by me.  

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