Thursday, October 9

Random Rant

So there are some things/people I've been wondering about...


How did they/it become so famous/popular?

Why do people like these people/things?

Why do people pay to see/buy these things?

#1- P.T. Cruisers.

This is by far, the world's ugliest car on the road. I don't understand why anyone thinks they are cool looking. And, at $17,920 - $24,430... PEOPLE! Come on! Can you not pick a more attractive vehicle to spend your hard-earned money on?
I really just don't understand.

#2 Frank Caliendo.

Who is this guy? I mean, where did he come from and why does he have his own TV show? The basis of his show (I think b/c I've never actually watched it) is him doing imitations of famous people. Is that the only way people will watch you? Because they think you are someone else? This is what Wikipedia says about him:

Currently, he performs his impersonations on his own show, Frank TV, which airs on TBS. He is particularly well-known for his impressions of United States Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, NFL color commentator John Madden, as well as Charles Barkley, Dr. Phil McGraw, William Shatner, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Robin Williams.

Interesting... all those people he imitates are funny/famous for a reason.
Frank Caliendo- not so much.

#3 Chelsea Handler.

Ok, so again... this chick comes out of nowhere and has her own show on E!. Sure she is pretty and all, but have you ever listened to her or watched her show? She has one of the foulest mouths I've heard. She might as well be a sailor. She has authored two books, entitled: My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One Night Stands & Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea.

Really? Really. Classy.

Here is a bit of info that may help clear things up... her boyfriend is Ted Harbert. Oh, you don't know who he is? Let me inform you. He is the CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group, who just by some lucky chance oversees E! Entertainment Television. Coincidence? I think not.

#4 Kid Rock.

Aw, how sweet Robert.  Yes, that's right, Robert James Ritchie. How does someone who looks/acts/and probably smells like this sell over 25 million records?  Another one of life's greatest mysteries.  He has no singing abilities whatsoever.  Sure he can play several musical instruments, but that doesn't mean you are allowed to open your mouth.  He really just grosses me out. 

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