Saturday, March 20

5K Day

Race Day!

Here's my timing chip:

I didn't take a bunch of pictures while we were actually running, but we got a few cute ones before we got all sweaty!

So the race... it was 151 people. I finished 127th. My official time was 49:15. I really wasn't doing it to win and/or be fast. It was SO MUCH fun!

During the first mile, a woman behind us fell... I'm talking ATE it. So we stopped to help her to the curb and make sure she was okay. It was really scary. She was fine though and we ended up seeing her at the finish line! (We're also telling ourselves that b/c we are good people and helped her, that's why we didn't come in first :o))

After it was over we totally took our happy selves to Party City and may have purchased some medals b/c we're awesome like that:o)

Overall, I think my first race was a success! I am still nervous about next weekend but I know it's going to be a super fun day!


Seersucker Scrapper said...

Hope you had a great race!

mommara said...

Great JOb! I love to walk 5k's I am just not a graceful runner.

krislyn. said...

Sounds like a fun race! Way to go. ;-) Bummer for the girl who fell. So not fun.

Jamie Pickle said...

Love that you stopped at Party City to get medals. You deserve it!!

Cassie said...

Congrats on finishing your first race!

Hazy Day Studio said...

You are all just too cute for words!!! LOVE the medals!