Tuesday, August 3

Because I love ya'll...

Ok so as you've probably guessed, I am head over heals in love with my iPhone.

I finally broke down and got the black 32GB iPhone 4. After 3 delays of the white one, I thought, forget it! I can't wait any longer!

I've been really enjoying the iMovie App! I totally was joking the other day that I'd be making movies of all the silly, mundane things I did.

Exhibit A:*

*Some notes to add:
  • Getting my eyebrows waxed doesn't hurt. I made the faces for dramatic effect.
  • Does anyone else's eyebrows turn/stay extremely red afterward? I have to put concealer, foundation, powder, etc. to even disguise the redness!


Hilary Lane said...

Haha, I end up red faced like that too! AJ was going to get me the new iphone for my birthday, but then when we decided to go to NYC, he gave me spending $$ instead. I'm going to try to get one when I get back - no word on the white? I'm dying for that one!

Tightwad In Training said...

you are too funny!