Monday, August 9

iPhone 4 Case Help!

I need help.

I got the iPhone 4 and since last Saturday have been carrying it around in a sock-a cute sock, but a sock.

These are the ones I'm deciding between:

This is made by Incase, it's the slider case. It's $34.95.

This one is the Feather case by Incipio. It's the same case I had for my previous iPhone. It's $24.99.

And these two are the cutest things I found on Etsy!

I LOVE this one!!!


mommara said...

I love the top white one and THE SUSHI! That is so cute.

Hilary Lane said...

Are they both rubber? I think I like the pink one the best. I saw a black one that I like. The one I have now is for the 1st generation and it's so bulky, it almost defeats the purpose of having a slim phone! But, it did come in handy the couple of times I dropped it in the driveway!

Cassie said...

I like the pink one best!