Monday, April 19

I love shopping!

Ya'll know there is no better cure for a bad day than retail therapy! (Not that I've had a bad, I'm just sayin')

I've been meaning to post about my one find days ago, but honestly, I've been kinda busy :o) Please forgive!

Okay, first thing first. Last Tuesday I went to Sally's to get that purple shampoo stuff. Ashlyn needed to go to Wal-Mart and asked if I'd walk down there with her. "Of course", I say! So on our way to Wally World, we pass a Shoe Show.

I see these beauties in the window and ask Ashlyn if we can pop in there for a sec.

Look familiar? Like a pair of terribly uncomfortable Jack Rogers?

I start going through the boxes like a mad woman and successfully find all four colors in my size! Gold, Silver, Black & White! Here's the best part... they are on sale. For $16.98.

Wait, it get's better.

They are buy one, get one 1/2 off.

I got four pairs of faux Jack's for around $50. FOUR PAIR for the HALF the price of ONE Jack Rogers.

I don't think I've worn a different shoe since last Tuesday.

On to my second retail therapy...not as exciting, but still awesome!

Today, Antonella & I went to the outlets to pick up some $10 shorts from Gap. She ended up scoring a TON of stuff! I picked up two more night gowns, a denim skirt, and a pair of shorts.

I really hit the jackpot at Banana Republic though. I must've tried on about a thousand things, and ended up getting:
  • A super cute black shrug/cardigan thing
  • Two tanks (on sale for $4.99!)
  • A cute cute cute graphic T
  • My favorite color coral short-sleeved cardigan
  • A gold chain necklace with turquoise-ish stones
Lastly, we hit up J. Crew. I wish it were apart of Gap, Inc. so we could've gotten our discount there too! I only got two shirts here, but still SUPER cute.


Lindsay [Bella Cene'] said...

I can't believe you got such a good deal on those shoes!

And that coral colored shirt is adorable :)

Hazy Day Studio said...

I LOVE it all!!! Wish I could have gone with you cuties!!!

Blackeyed Susan said...

I went today and couldn't find them at our Shoe Show today! I'm officially on the hunt ;)

Cassie said...

Everything you got is great! Especially those shoes :)

Preppy Little Dress said...

Great deals!

Katherine said...

gah! i'm jealous of your shoe find! if you decide you don't want all those pairs ill buy them from you :) haha. wish we had a shoe show!