Wednesday, April 7

Spring Shells & Cheese

This past Monday Emma & I decided to try out Food Network's Spring Shells & Cheese recipe.

It looked amazing and it tasted even better!

We met at Lowe's to pick up the ingredients. When it came to the milk, apparently we got confused. We were trying to figure out cups into quarts and so forth.

Anyway, we figured it out and got to cookin'!

By the time we got it in the oven the kitchen smelled fantastic.

Let me tell you guys, I love mac-n-cheese. Love it. This was a grown-up version that I will surely make time and time again!


Buckhead Belle said...


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

mmmm, looks good.

Stephanie said...

Yummm!! Cheese and pasta is my weakness!

Julie said...

Oh YUM! That looks delicious :)

Prissy Southern Prep said...

That looks delicious!