Sunday, April 18

Ulta Rant

::Disclaimer-This is going to be a complaint post.::

People. You all know how much I love Ulta and how frequently I shop there. They send me email and snail mail coupons all the time and I constantly use them.

They sent me their current ad last Thursday. I see some nail polishes on the back that I definitely want to buy. Much to my surprise, they are also running a special-Buy 2, Get one free!

I go in on Friday to find Essie's new Turquoise and Caicos unsuccessfully. It takes me a while to find anyone willing to help me, and when I finally ask a sales clerk she tells me that isn't going to be released until Sunday and walks away. Doesn't really offer any other suggestions, just leaves me there feeling pretty bummed that I'm not going to be able to get a polish I was planning on using later that day. Looking closer at the coupon, I realize the $3.50 off any $10 purchase isn't even good until today, Sunday, April 18th. Ugh.

Here's the thing, I work in retail. I know how you have special release dates for certain things. But you know good and well they had that polish sitting in the back.* Anyway, I leave Ulta empty-handed that day with a bad taste in my mouth.

I begrudgingly go back today to get that dumb nail polish and use my coupon. I pick three Essie polishes up and make my way to the counter. When I get there, I realize I don't have the coupon that starts today. It's still attached to the rest of the ad. I do, however, have one that expired YESTERDAY. I ask the girl working very politely, if she could please please please honor the coupon that expired YESTERDAY. She tells me their computers won't scan them if they are outdated. Doesn't offer any other solution except to hold the polishes for me. Really? You don't have an extra ad lying around back there that you could help me out? (They have done this before for me when I've pulled up an e-mail on my phone with the SAME exact print coupon.) I know this is dumb and it's just nail polish but here's the thing- I work in a retail environment. What do you think brings money into your store? Loyalty. So far this week Ulta has really pushed my buttons. "Hello, hi, I'm standing here wanting to spend money in your overpriced drugstore-take my money!" Or at least try to help me instead of blowing me off.

So I don't know if I'm going to go back there with my coupon or not. I may just pay full price online somewhere so I don't have to deal with Ulta, even though buying it at the store would be much more convenient for me since I work at the mall.

*I was at Bath & Body Works on Friday morning as well. Michael, the store manager let me purchase two different products that they weren't releasing until Sunday either. Here's the deal, I'm going to tell everyone I know how great the customer service is there. I'm going to go above and beyond to get the word out about a store that actually wants my money. I understand not being able to put the product out on the sales floor, but if a customer asks for it specifically, why not help them out? In the end, you're the one who is benefiting by making your store money.


Becky said...

Good grief! Just do the coupon already! That drives me nuts! They CAN do it!!! I get an Ulta coupon every week it seems in the Sunday paper and I bet it would still scan if it was expired! Yeah for BB&B Works though :)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

OMG this happened to me today at ULTA. I was buying shampoo when I gave them a coupon that expired yesterday. The girl rudely refused to accept my coupon. I was pissed.

Kiki said...

So know I hate terrible customer service-hello Clinque at Dillards....grrrrr!

Cassie said...

I totally understand. It's the places that make an effort to help you out that you want to continuously go back to. Once I fell in love with a purse at Coach and was told I couldn't buy it for another week. The manager could tell I was disappointed and went in the back and rang it up for me-sweet guy! It's not like I wasn't loyal to them in the first place, but that definitely helped!