Tuesday, April 6

Tuesday Tidbits

First off- thank you all so much for your sweet comments about my race! Is it weird that I kind of miss it? Well, not the upset tummy, but EVERYTHING else.

Second- I hope you all had an amazing Easter! Growing up Easter was always a fun, candy-filled holiday for me. I never really grasped the significance of it until college. I am so thankful to know and love a Savior who died for me. My family and I went to Emma's for Easter brunch. It was fantastic. We always have a great time during the holidays with each other.

The Delicious Easter Spread

Me & Emma

Dad & Me

Emma's Mom & My Mom

Thirdly- Thank you all for your prayers for my Mom. She is having her 3rd chemo treatment this Friday. This past Monday, she had surgery for a port to be put in. She's doing okay... some good days, some bad. She told me it's better this time than three years ago, so I guess that's good. I would love for her to wake up one day and say "I feel GREAT today!". Hopefully soon.

Today at work we got a TON of new summer stuff in; lots of shorts, polos, summer tops, dresses, etc. I'm looking forward to trying it all on! Speaking of Gap... if any of ya'll can make it out tomorrow, we're offering 40% off one full-priced item! Here's the coupon :o)


Kiki said...

Love this post....a mixed bag of everything going on in your life!!!

Alex said...

All things considered..... Your mom is looking good! Say hey to her from me when you next speak and wish her well.

Alex aka Lexa aka Sartori