Monday, June 15

Hope I don't pass out...

Ok so first off- it is seriously about 95 degrees in my office. Office... I use that term loosely. No windows, or proper Air Conditioning.

The office is under the restaurant which is closed on Monday. So there's no one here. I just got back from lunch and the others aren't back yet. It is SO FREAKING HOT. I seriously hope I do not pass out b/c no one will find me.

Here is a fun story... as I'm sitting here, sweating my you know whats off, dude man walks in wearing jeans, wife beater tank, work boots, gold chain, a gamecock hat (I figured he couldn't be all bad) and an insane handlebar mustache.

He was so rude to me. He wanted to know if my boss had called me to tell me he was coming, and that he was a very good friend of my boss and that he needed business cards. He wanted to know how quick we could get them done. Wait, rewind, he comes in and just takes a piece of card stock and starts writing down what he wants. CARD STOCK. ugh. So he goes on to tell me he knows about vista print and doesn't have a problem using them but since he and my boss are friends, he wanted to know how cheap we could do them. To top it all off- he smelled so gross/yucky. Ugh.

Ya know, I'm a female by myself in a 1,000 degree "office."


He finally left, then comes back to tell me "Make sure you call me back, it's very important."

Right dude.




Lins said...

Uhm, ew. The ones with moustaches always think they're important. Creepers.

I have to tell you that you're officially my favorite person since you can relate to how amazing a dog's foot smells! The rest of those people are just missing out!

You are so getting "followed!" :)

Sunshinemeg said...

I would have had my pepper spray locked and loaded! Don't pass out, go buy a big drink with lots of ice! Hydrate! hahah. Have a great week girly.

Prissy Southern Prep said...

Eww!! Total creep!!