Tuesday, June 2

Survey Time!

Rena over at living.laughing.loving tagged me in this survey... if ya'll don't follow her - you should definitely check out her blog! (even if she did go to clemsux... <3)

1. How old are you?
23... sometimes I wonder how that's happened!

2. Where you from?

Myrtle Beach, SC

3. What's your favorite thing(s) to do?
Spending time with my friends/family, shopping, sleeping, eating, shopping, laying out, shopping.

4. Favorite place to hangout?
My bed - does that count?

5. Favorite drink?
Diet coke.

6. Favorite vehicle?
ummm I want a 2009 White Toyota Highlander. I don't know if it's my FAV vehicle...

7. Favorite TV show of all time?

8. What's your dream?
My dream is to live a long, happy, healthy life with my friends and family. Whatever else God has planned for me sounds just fine with me!

9. What do you do for work?
In-house Graphic Designer & Custom Invitation Creator!

10. Are you close to your family?

11. What's your makeup item?
Lip gloss! I just got O-Gloss Intuituve Lip Gloss from Smashbox... and I don't know how I've gone this long without it!

12. What's your biggest fear?
Being Alone.

13. When you were a kid, what did you want to be?
I don't really know... I think I just copied my friend Sarah when I was little and said I wanted to be a doctor.

14. Your most important material item?
iPhone. Hands Down.

15. What do you think you'll be doing 10 years from now?
I have no idea! If it were up to me, I'd have some dreamy husband and some dreamy kids!

16. What is your favorite vacation spot?
Anywhere on the coast!

17. Mac or P/C?
Once you go Mac, you never go back!

I tag whoever is super bored at work and wants a way out!!

Make sure to add a question and answer it before passing it along!



BellaCene said...

I'm just letting you know that I tagged you in my blog :)

Kiki said...

You'll never be alone....

iPhone, amen sistah!!

Whitney said...

We are a lot alike!