Sunday, June 7

Sunday wrap up

Can y'all believe the weekend is almost over? I hate that! I definitely think we all need a three day weekend.

So here I am, working on some stuff for work that I didn't get finished this week-joy... (Well actually I'm taking a break from work stuff to blog)

I worked on some invitations for a friend's 3 year old's birthday party. They want it UP themed- the new Pixar movie. Here's what I came up with. (They are going to Disney World & plan on taking a picture with the UP characters... so that's going to be in the black and white boxes.)

I also did some corresponding thank you cards. I love them!

My Friday was pretty good, except the fact I got a screw in my tire. I would like to crown myself queen of nails/screws in tires. I seriously think since I started driving I've gotten AT LEAST 10-15 in my tires. So after the wonderful guys at Tire Town fixed my tire at no charge to me, some retail therapy was definitely needed.

I'd like to share with you all my new favorite beauty product. It's O-Gloss from Smashbox. It goes on clear and then creates a custom shade of pink. It's amazing. And I LOVE the pink shine. Seriously folks, go get it. It's awesome.

I of course hit up GAP since all of their sale stuff was an extra 25% off! I love it when they do that! I got this super cute "fiesta" shirt in yellow and brown, a pair of white shorts, (SIZE 8!!!!!!!) and some silver thin strapped flip flops! And of course spent some QT with KikiBee!!

::side note- the parentals went out of town for their 29th wedding anniversary so I have had the whole house to myself since Tuesday::

Here's Dad enjoying an anniversary beer. He cracks me up.

When I got home, I took care of the dogs & checked the garden. Check out our crops! Green Beans, a Pepper & Romaine Lettuce! I ended up making a salad with the lettuce & pepper for lunch and then last night I threw the green beans in with some squash for dinner! They were delicious. Homegrown food always tastes SO good. I can't wait till our tomatoes start to ripen.

Saturday, after the dogs woke me up @ 7 am, I fed them and headed back to bed and we didn't get back up until 11 am! It was AMAZING. I really miss sleeping in. Yesterday I really didn't do anything. And it was great. Sometimes you need those kind of days!

Today, I cleaned up the house befor the p-rents return. Did some dishes and laundry, then hit up the grocery store. Ladies, I am about to unveil the most wonderful thing I've ever eaten. Are you ready for it? You may want to sit down.

Starbucks Ice cream.

That's right. Being a member of the Starbucks Black/Gold Card thingy, I get coupons all the time from them. Recently, they sent me a free pint of their new ice cream coupon. They have four different flavors- Coffee, Mocha Frappuccino, Caramel Macchiato & Java Chip Frapuccino. I bought the caramel one and holy crap.

Best ice cream EVER. I'm sad that it's a ridic $5 or something a pint, so it will definitely be a special treat, but MAN ya'll HAVE to try it. It's so good. (Check out how cute Bailey is in the background. He's jealous dogs can't have ice cream.)

So there it is, my weekend wrap up. Pretty uneventful, but quite nice. I'm looking forward to the upcoming week though, I'm getting my hair done on Monday -finally. I have a massage on Wednesday. Dinner with friends on Thursday night and then I'm leaving for Cola for the weekend- probably on Saturday. For what you ask? Ha- another wedding shower! woo! This is a lingerie shower though, so it'll be super fun. I'm also taking my bridesmaid dress to the bridal shop to get altered b/c they ordered a size 14 for me. Awesome. I'm hoping it's not going to be super expensive.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!!

P.S.- Whitney, I'm totally trying to ship your summer swap present before this weekend!!!



BellaCene said...

What an eventful weekend! lol I love the "UP" themed invitations and thank you cards you created. Those are so cute... You did a great job.

That picture of your dad cracked me up :)

Mrs. Sassy said...

#1. LOVE the cards...she did too! #2. I wore the same outfit from Gap you have on in the picture yesterday.
#3. The garden veggies look amazing!
#4. Starbucks has ice cream? SAY WHAT?!
#5. How do I get a SUPER CUTE signature like you and Angel have?!?

Rena said...

Loving the special number of 8. :)

Sunshinemeg said...

The invitations looked great! I really want to see that movie. The gap shirt was a great color. Yellow clothes in the summer time just seem to go so well together!

Katy said...

My parents anniversary was this past weekend, too. Except on their anniversary they make me go to dinner with them. So I drug them to Charleston and stayed on the boat. :-)

Whitney said...

I love those invites! Jealous of you having the house to yourself! Happy Anniversary to your parents!
I'm getting yours out, too! Take your time!

Jules said...

I love the "Up" themed invites. So fun!

I'll have to try the O-Gloss. I have the O-Glow and I like it (mainly in the winter). It sounds like you scored some great deals at the Gap :)

Jordan said...

I have to try the Smashbox lip stuff!!