Friday, June 5

Wilmington Weekend!

I am so slack when it comes to uploading pictures off of my camera. I apologize.

So the drive to Wilmington was only about an hour and a half- quite pleasant actually until a man in a trailblazer decided he didn't like that I was doing the speed limit so he flipped me off. Quite a few times. I decided to wave like I didn't know what was going on and I think that just upset him even more. I did my best to block him in after that. Took up a good 10-15 minutes of my trip!

So I call Shannon as I am getting closer to make sure I'm on the right track and she says "Just Keep Driving towards the water, like keep going"

So I do until I see a sign for a boat landing and I'm like uhhhh....

Oh no her fiancés house is the last on the left... an acre and a half on the Intercoastal.

So Anyway, once I got there they showed me around, we made BLT's and then headed off to the shower! Natasha ended up coming to the shower too! It was a lot of fun. The shower was thrown by women at Tucker's parents' church. They were amazing. Shannon & Tucker RAKED in the loot. I'm talking they needed an 18 wheeler to get all their stuff back to Greenville.

I'll post some pics from the shower once Shannon posts them on Facebook... I was writing down all the gifts and keeping track of the bows, so I didn't get any pictures from the shower.

But check out the Wilmington digs...

The Room Shannon & I Shared

The House Across the Street - you get the idea.

After the shower we went on the boat with Tucker and his brother Ross. Tucker and Ross did some wake boarding and Shannon & I did some watching... it was so nice.

Sunday, we went to church and then Tucker's dad cooked an amazing lunch... After that we took a few pics and I headed back to the beach. I then proceeded to miss my road on the way home and went way out in the country. Definitely took me another hour to get home... bah, oh well. Over all it was a super fun weekend!

Me & Shannon

Shannon & I Relaxing on the Deck.

The Happy Couple.



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