Monday, March 16

Any Suggestions?

So I'm making a mix to workout to- any suggestions?


Julie said...

A few songs that always help me keep on going at the gym:

- "Fergalicious" - Fergie

- "Extraordinary" - Liz Phair

- "She Likes to Move" - N.E.R.D.

I just found you through Kiki - nice to meet you! And randomly... our blogs have the same name :)

Lindsay said...

Thanks girl! I totally found the Fergie & N.E.R.D. song last night on-line... they're super fun :o) I'll have to check out the Liz Phair one- where did she go?

And hooray blog twin! Hope you have a great week!

Kiki said...

Rihanna-Please Don't Stop the Music and Umbrella
Lucas Prata-She Said
Pink-that trouble song she does
anything dance that has a fast beat!!!

I use Pandora on my iPhone, I know you have one, you can download the app (its free) and type in Please Dont Stop the Music, it'll play song after song like that one...its AWESOME!!! I work out to it every night!!!
Hey Julie, so glad you found your way here!!!

Lindsay said...

i LOVE pandora! it's the best creation EVER! i use it at work all the time or when im at home vegging out on the computer! i'll have to do that- great idea kiks!

so the teal scarf- $9.99! i'll post a picture later b/c im totally wearing today! <3

Hi, Lane said...

I just pick something loud an obnoxious. Or Shwazye. And I'm totally going to check out Pandora!