Saturday, March 21


Man. I'd really love some pancakes! Like five. With butter & lots of syrup.

Random statement? Not really.


Because my father decided to make them.

Can I eat them?



Kiki said...

Ken is eating the worst foods ever, he goes shopping when he is hungry and brings home absolute CRAP!!! He is not making it easy to eat right....neither was my gorge fest at TGIFridays the other day!!! Ick!!!

So jealous your dad was making some pancakes.....I might have had to have one!!!

Lindsay said...

Well I broke down and had two.

He makes small/thin ones lol. I used to eat like 5-6. For real lol. But I made sure to eat good the rest of the day!

Phase 2 starts tomorrow! Hello whole wheat bread, cereal and fruit! woo hoo- i can't wait!