Sunday, March 15

Here's Me Doing My Part, Stimulating the Economy.

So Jenna & I went out today to stimulate the economy. We hit up TJ Maxx, Ross & World Market first. I forgot how much I really liked TJ Maxx. I definitely have to be in a certain mood to look for clothing there... but purses, shoes & the home department- awesome. The TJ Maxx here did some renovations and it looks great inside! Jenna was there to get some birthday presents & I was there for moral support and to do some of my own browsing... This is what I ended up scoring there:

This cookbook is normally $30.00 and I got it for $12.99! I was pretty excited! I also found this wire basket for the kitchen- mine's not chrome though, it's like a black iron. It also was $12.99! Woo TJ Maxx!

Our next stop- our favorite place- the mall. It was Friends & Family weekend at Old Navy & GAP- the best time of the year!! Old Navy had a dress a few weeks back that I really liked but didn't think it was worth the $29.95 price tag (a simple cotton summer dress). So I thought well since I have a 30% off coupon... I'll pick it up today.

I am in two weddings this upcoming summer, which means I'll need super cute dresses for the showers & rehearsals. That's why I need dresses.

Anyway, of course, Old Navy didn't have the dress, and nothing really comparable...lots of summer dresses- but kinda not dressy enough. Oh well.

We hit up GAP to visit our fav Kikibee! (and score some sweet deals too :o)

I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try on some of the things that GAP had on their mannequins... I usually stick to what I know- black, brown and the occasional coral/salmon. But today, I tried on a ton of fun stuff! This is what I ended up purchasing:

This is one thing I didn't buy... I definitely love this dress though. If I can talk the parentals into donating some money for the greater good, I'll come back in this week. It would be SUCH a cute dress for showers/rehearsals!!!!
Overall- super fun day of shopping!

Hope everyone has a great upcoming week!

Tomorrow's journey: My friend Angel & I are going to join a local gym for a month. We're super excited- more to come on that later in the week!


Kiki said...

Very fun post....I love what you looked adorable!!! TJ redid their store???? I'll have to check it out, I usually hate that place becvause I can not find anything I like, but, if I do by some miracle, find something it definitely won't be in my size!!!

Sounds like I'll have to give it a try again!!!

Lindsay said...

Thanks! I can't wait to get my sweater soon! I've totally planned that outfit as one of my "savannah Outfits" when I head down there in two weeks- oh yea!

They redid the dressing rooms, the cash registers & rearranged some stuff... you still have to hunt, but it's definitely nicer than it was!