Wednesday, September 23

Hooray for Fall TV!

Wednesday greetings!

So tonight as I'm browsing the TV guide, there's nothing really that catches my eye. So I turn on Dancing with the Stars. I don't hate the show, but I don't love it either.

Anyway, after DWTS was over, a new sitcom came on called Modern Family. As I check the guide again, see nothing else is on, I decide to watch the show.

Kids- it was hilarious. I hope ABC picks this one up. It's about three separate families that are actually all related to each other. It's got Al Bundy as the grandfather & husband to a much younger Spanish woman who has an 11 year-old, his adult son who is gay who also just adopted a baby from ... Vietnam? I can't remember, it was somewhere Asian. And then Al Bundy's adult daughter, who is married with three children. Ya'll seriously, it was so funny. It's kind of like an Office set up where they do interviews and a camera crew is just "following" them around.

So check it out, Wednesdays at 9 PM!



BRD said...

I just watched it and I loved it! SO funny! The gay couple are my favorite!

--DC Prep

sarah said...

I saw previews for this and it looks hilarious. I was afraid that it was going to be one of those shows that they only preview the few funny lines. Good to know it was funny!

Julie said...

I dvr'd it and still need to watch it! Glad to hear it was good :)